Review v cats

So much to like about the first half. So much to be fkn worried about the second half

All the good aside, that was really disappointing to drop literally dead the second half


We’d have close to the worst ruck division in the comp and they are all injury prone to boot.
One injury away from Ambrose leading our ruck division again lol


concerning 2nd half performance. Our run and our pressure was gone.
Luey being out really killed us in the stoppages.

I’m scared of what the Hawks ruckmen is going to do to us.

Within 2minutes and 8seconds of the 3rd quarter Geelong had 4 scoring shots, that is not due to fitness.


Up n about at half time, thinking finally we are turning the corner.

5 mins into the 3rd and they’d kicked 4 goals.

So yeah, we were kinda cur in rack mentality and they were - coach just rammed us let’s fire up mode.

And we never really looked like it from there.

The real concern for me was that Geelong simply went bang on straight through the guts at the start of the third and we were opened up big time.

Hard to know what to think about the 2nd half but fact is we were smashed.

Obviously the first half was good, but the second half was poor, we have a long way to go. In my opinion, doubt the Pies, Gold Coast or Geelong will make the 8, people should temper their expectations. The fact we couldn’t stop their roll has me worried, it wasn’t just a 10 minute burst, it went for the whole 3rd quarter, they were harder at it.

Not too bothered by that result. Plenty of positives. People need to remember we finished 18th last year. We will improve on today.


poor ruck depth. leuey goes down and we’re pumped

same thing happened in the last quarter against collingwood

I like you boot, but that first sentence I don’t agree with

I am fkg very worried about the result. It’s unacceptable. JLT or not


I’m surprised Stewart wasn’t given a run in the ruck instead of Ambrose.

Our defence unit looked significantly weaker without Ambrose there for a big chunk of the 3rd quarter.


I accept that McKernan is going to be rucking, we don’t have any other choice. But for the love of all that is holy, can we put someone besides Ambrose in there as the relief ruck. It’s bad for the back line and terrible for the ruck contest.


Fridge has turned back into an icy pole lol.

Fair enough WOB.
'Tis but my opinion.

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Out for round 1…





PLus 2 more - we played 24 today.

OUT: Luey, Bags, Begley, Brown, McGrath

IN: Hooker, Dea, Hartley

Biggest issue in the pre-season is allowing the opposition to win ‘pure’ centre clearances - Other parts of our game are tracking along well.


I think we’re still gonna finish 10-12th.

The good was mostly the 2-4 year players.

A small fast essendon is a good essendon.

Losing leuy is a joke. Shouldn’t have played him in the JLT.

Loads of positives but ultimately it always stings when you blow a good lead like that.

Tippa and McKernan were outstanding, whilst I thought Jobe, Heppell, Daniher and Hurley (aside from his third quarter) all improved again as they build for round one.

Langford and Parish keep showing positive signs as well and I really liked Stewart’s first half. In fact, a match-fit Stewart may even be a better option than an underdone Hooker for round one, although I suspect both with play (with Stewart pinch-hitting in the ruck at times).

Have to say that I was really disappointed in Baguley and Kelly today, though. Needed more from our defensive leaders, who I’m not sure are both best 22 at the moment.

I’m not sure what the answer is but I don’t think the Hurley/Brown/Ambrose combo worked as well as we were expecting, either. I’d like to see either Hurley/Hartley/Brown or Hurley/Hartley/Ambrose as we settle our backline ahead of round one.

Zerrett is one of the most exciting young players in the game but he really got caught out a couple of times today by being unwilling to use his right foot - just an area for him to work on to take that next step.

I also think that we went in one short re inside grunt and got brushed aside far too often. With Myers out injured, I’d be giving one of Hocking/Bird another go - probably Bird at this stage, as he’d have the edge in fitness.

Plenty of positives from today, although the Leuenberger injury really hurts us and I worry about our inability to play out a game. Still a lot of work needed if we’re a chance against the Hawks.


I hear you on Leuy, Barnz, I was thinking it was a brave move to play him before the game. But at the same time I could understand the reason for doing so. He was no doubt the player we could least afford to get injured, and now the start of the season looks pretty bleak.

A lot criticised Smack being retained. A very smart move and seems a certain starter for round 1.