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Hurley absolutely does have the ability to do this. His hands are fantastic and he is generally quite a good intercept player. Being able to lock down and also intercept is why Hurley is one of the best defenders in the game.


Haven't used any of mine yet.
What are you offering?


You're talking about the difference between a talented player and a champion. There aren't many players who are as talented as Dangerfield, but all teams have a few. But what sets Dangerfield apart is what you're talking about there. The absolute determination to do whatever is necessary to win the game, no matter how much it hurts.


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Agree with you cv.


No need for crazy talk. We put on a great second quarter with the breeze. They did the same in the third with the breeze. Last quarter we were spent but did not let it blow out too much.
Most commentators today were pretty happy with what we served up and thought we'd get better as the season goes on. But, then again, this is Blitz.


If anything the jlt has given great hope that our forward line woes may be over. With that in mind I'd love to see hooker played down back and 'swing' forward for small bursts.

Although I'd still be keen to see a month of the forward plan before making the final decision as we are yet to see how I all works.


I guess if Stewart becomes a success then the backline is instantly fixed with Hooker going back with Hurley.


Im pretty certain it will take a month or more to get this team fine tuned.


Sure it wasn't as good as we have seen from him, but am I the only one who thinks Kelly's game was quite OK?


I can't offer an objective opinion, I think everything the guy does is amazing.


Good spot, completely forgot about him. Even on limited exposure he could be elite at that.


I'm the Quintessential Eternal Optimist :slight_smile:


Stewart forward, or back?


What I can't fathom is how Browne and Ambrose got picked ahead of Hartley




Whatever happened to the WOB who was all lid off? Did we finally beat him?


After 4 years of saga it took a bad quarter in a pre season game against collingwood to break him.


Hartley is a bloody good intercept down back, when the coach allows him to do that.


Woosha probably wanted to save Hartley for the big time. Brown was only keeping his seat warm for him.