Review vs Adelaide

Yep, fwiw I do think ■■■■ should have a brown paper bag in standby before she leaves the house each day, ditto vlad and Barrett


  1. The coaches haven’t bothered practicing defensive system at all, highly doubt this is the case but if it is it means the whole club from top down is [email protected]#$d

  2. The players have a complete inability to understand the system that Rutten is trying to develop, if this is the case we need major list turnover. Highly doubt this is the case as we looked well organised at times last year

  3. We have very poor onfield leadership and this is causing breakdowns in structure. More likely, leadership at Essendon has been an issue for along time and Heppell is at the centre of it….all of the good defensive sides have a leader in the back half organising and our captain is back there what is he doing……can be fixed by recruiting a Hodge like player from a successful system…if we can find one

  4. We just have too many injuries and along with our age profile the lack of continuity is killing us….

I think it is a mix of point 3 and 4 but seriously our best leadership options start at Merrett and below in age profile…I don’t doubt Rutten and the coaching group would be trying to fix it and they all have great credentials but the group needs time and we need to recruit both at the draft and as free agents for players that are not only talented but also will lead the group. Think Lachie Neale at Brisbane. We have picked up Shiel, Smith and Stringer and none of them add anything as leaders…someone like Angus Bradshaw should be a target, someone like George Hewitt should have been a target last year……I think it’s no surprise that recruits like McGovern, Williams and Martin at Carlton despite obvious talent have not really changed their prospects as a club. Culture is critical to learning and building structure and game style and can take a few years to change, the right leaders are critical

I like this point. Is it a coincidence that Mitchell went to the Eagles, they subsequently won a flag, Jordan Lewis went to Melbourne, they won a flag, Hodge went to Brisbane and they’re right in the hunt?

We should get on the blower to Richmond and see if Cotchin fancies a final season on good coin to come over, play a bit part role and mentor our next group of leaders.


3 + 4 = spot on. The lack of leadership is exacerbated by the injuries and lack of continuity

I’m more on your side than not, but isn’t the argument that Goodes is so much more outspoken than (say) Liam Ryan, which is why people don’t like him? The Pies supporter callout, war dance and his generally overtly confronting commentary about race relations in Australia?

I think Peos summed it up well above.

I’ve also found it interesting how the Blitz narrative has changed over the years. Wasn’t the original discussion thread (sarcastically) titled “Racist fans boo Goodes again” after Dons fans were pinned with starting the whole thing? After that game in (circa) 2013 up in Sydney when he got 2-3 disgusting frees and carried on like he was shot? My memory may be failing me here.

EDIT: Link to thread. I sense a huge amount of posters are hugely inconsistent with their stated views back here when they were seeing things clearly without the misty-eyed vantage point of ~ 8 years later (though some might argue things are more clear now)

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Hurley and Francis can both organise the backline. Both are a fair way away at the moment. Hurley injured Franga forward.

“Yeah Cotch, just come over, great money, bring along some of your leadership skills, clean out that locker at the Tiges, bring along any of the trinkets you might have got along the way, we’ll have a bit of a show and tell, we’ve got a great cabinet at the Hangar and you just store them there as long as we like…”

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I think it’s a great way to see how much more sane everyone was.


Yeah. Ham was down too…wonder if he had the flu.

If Francis is that man they are making a big mistake playing him forward and it concerns me that our coaching group is happy to break down our structure to shore up our forward line with a player who is not a forward….it never works. We can forget Hurley, love him as a player but he has been out too long and will never be the same……honestly when we look back at Essendons injury history geez we have had some strange injuries happen to key players that have cost them not just matches but seasons……such as Hirdy


He was SO GOOD till his insides burst, so unfair.

Soooooo hot.

I re-watched the first quarter against Adelaide last night. As a game it was so far below the standard of the Brisbane v Collingwood game it made me want to cry.

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That day he took Fev to the cleaners…

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I’ll certainly put my hand up as someone who’s changed their mind on not only Goodes, but a few other players who’ve been through ■■■■ - Heritier, Leon Davis, Joel Wilkinson, Cyril etc.

It’s becoming an all-too-familiar story now.
Clubs need to listen and change.
Not dig in.


Gallant probably our best player.

I’m sure fans will welcome him and acknowledge his past achievements.
I’m sure we won’t mention that Brownlow at all…

He won’t be welcomed here because of it. He’ll be more welcomed at Gold Coast or GWS.

Most of those leaders do it so that it gives them a pathway into media or coaching afterwards.
I don’t see us allowing the players to continue on a coaching career afterwards.