Review vs Cats

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My take:

  • Bottom line is Geelong were too good. A well drilled 4 quarter performance by them. A very familiar story that the game was decided by their defensive groups ability to intercept.

  • Set shots. I thought our poor ability to convert very gettable chances hurt us big time. 2 from Francis. 2 from Langford. Another couple from Heppell etc that’s landed short. When the opposition isn’t missing, these kind of shots need to be taken. Missing Raz, Brown/McKernan in this regard.

  • I thought we definitely went into our shell a bit in the 3rd/4th. Just went about the motions and not many other than Stringer and Shiel tried to challenge them.

  • Not overly surprised by the result given how clinical Geelong were but it’s just disappointing to see us drop to 3-4 now and makes the horrible umpire calls last week hurt even more. Overall I thought it was a very very boring game to watch.


Essendon were forced to eat a large bowl of learnings today. Like rancid Terrine, it doesn’t taste nice but they’ll be better for it in the long run.


Bad game. Geelong was the better team, but we shot ourselves in the foot. Bad kicking is bad football, and if we’d converted straight forward shots the difference at half time would have been negligible.

I can’t wait for Worsfold to go. Pathetic preparation of the team, again. Playing Francis was pretty desperate, but when you have a good forward in Hooker why not switch him forward for the last?

Many many players were down today and it’s concerning how Worsfold continually fails to get the best out of players.


They’re at a certain level…and we just ain’t there yet


We missed Brown (or Smack or Stewart), Raz and Myers today.

Needed more space at stoppages and more speed and mobility.

We also missed confidence after missing early shots.

Geelong too good today.


You geeks were gagging for Hooker to be played back in defence only a little while ago.


Easiest way to sum it up, it was more fun watching the vfl today.

Less pre madonnas, less people worried about titles off field, no players sooking cos they wanna play fun footy.

Just a bunch of booked out there sticking to what they were supposed 5o be doing.

Id actually rather watch them at all level than most of the pretenders running around in the seniors.


Played poor but in the grand scheme of things, still ‘only’ 1 game out of the 8, and a good shot at winning the next 3, I have faith.

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It’s fair to say we’ve gone backwards when we comfortably beat them this time last year without Daniher, Hurley and Shiel.


We weren’t willing to match Geelongs work rate. Really poor effort all round.

The Geelong goal in the second quarter, when all our players stood and watched Geelong players run into an open goal, signifies our effort today.


Worsfold lacked a bit of imagination.
Didn’t see him make any moves today.


Fair dinkum, I blame John true blue Williamson’s Waltzing Matilda, dinky di, struth n’ stuff.


Congratulations, you win the award for malapropism of the week!


Completely out hunted today.
Apart from a small patch in the 1st quarter we never looked in it.


Key tactical errors:

  1. We kept letting them get out the back of contests leaving our forward 50. Dropped marks didn’t help but we just didn’t seem to have coverage behind the marking contest and they kept getting away from us.

  2. Failure to man up the centre corridor. Must have been three or four times when we were kicking up the wing to a contest where we left a man of theirs free on the edge of the centre square. Ball spills out of the marking contest and they are off to the races

  3. Kicking it on the head of our small forwards and letting Kolodashni and Stewart mop up time and time again

Felt like the result was kind to us to be honest, thought that aside from the first quarter they were a far better team.


= Prima donnas FYI :wink:


When has this ever been the case for us?


This time around.

Thought our effort was there.
Not going to beat many teams kicking the ball like that around the ground and at goal. They beat us today fair and square, have to reload and come back next week.

Im worried about francis, he looked to have no interest all day


Yeah I thought we were right in it at half time, shaded them in the first without getting the results.

They did a number on us after that.

You’d be pretty happy to back yourself with tno Selwood, 10 touches for Danger, 25 for Ablett and only 2 goals for Hawkins. Their lesser lights just played far far better than ours.