Review vs Collingfree

I didn’t think we played well anyway. Lost it at the selection table.


Losing the rotation hurt in the last. We faded badly around the ball. Couldn’t get hepp and zerret near it and suspect tbell totally blew up. We let them out the front of stoppages several times

We missed key chances to stretch that lead.

Reckon the were a few sore at the end of that. Brown grabbed for a groin, smack for a hammy.


fark i hate losing to these mongrels

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I never complain about umpiring, I make fun of people on here who do each week.

However, that was the most disgusting display i’ve ever seen. They should be ashamed with themselves. I am not going to say anymore, because I will get banned.


We were with it the whole game. Umpires were the difference. We can’t beat them every week.

We have like a 30+ free kick differential against us for the last three weeks.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it’s plain as day we aren’t getting our fair share.


Didn’t take the game on when required.
Didn’t use the boundary when required.
Didn’t get the free kicks when required.

Worst. Umpiring. Ever.

The AFL just hate us, might be time to give up and dedicate myself to local sport, at least I enjoy that.


Can you imagine us missing 9 or 10 of our best 22 and winning a game like that?

No? I can’t either. (And yes, very aware we had some quality players on the sidelines)

As much as I hate to say it… that was a brilliant win for them. I think we played significantly better (particularly defensively) than earlier in the year against a top 4 team but at no stage did we ever look like running away with it. Their leaders stood up when needed in the final quarter, most of ours spectated - game over.


Think of heffsgirl!


I think they’ll be considering themselves lucky.


Umpiring was terrible

They beat us in the 50/50 contests

They smashed us at the stoppages. Got some clean no pressure clearances.

Their disposal was a lot cleaner when the pressure came

They took their chances, we didn’t

Umpiring was really really bad. When that pies player ran straight over the boundary line about 5min and wasn’t pingedit was always going to be one of those days


Zerrett, Heppell and Smith were outstanding. Backs were good. Forwards were terrible (Brown was serviceable),

Scott Pendlebury is 30. Both Pendlebury and Sidebottom had Michelin 3-hat service on a plate in the last quarter. Even if Belly was blown up, we needed him in at the centre bounce at least. How many possessions (combined) and clearances (combined) to both of those players courtesy of Grundy’s tapwork vs Smack in the last? It was a terrible coaching decision. Brought Belly back with 5-6 mins left and the game virtually iced.

And, the umps, well, what really needs to be said. They were appalling.

Great effort by the lads, though. They had a real crack against a top 4 side.


They ease with which Crisp was able to just slice through the middle and run past about 3 or 4 of our players as if they were standing still was alarming. Did it twice in the last half.

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Just couldn’t seem to throw the knockout punch. All day we worked much harder than Collingwood had to to score, and that always catches up with you at the end.

Seems like they only had to play good footy for about 5-10 minutes in each quarter to stay in touch and then bury us.

We are Collingwood and Mason Cox’s beotch and for an American born Essendon supporter, that’s a farking drag and a half. This one’s gonna smart for awhile.

The umpiring, well… I’m still not expecting to get a good run for at least another 10 years…

The umpiring was poor for both sides, but they got way more than us. But enough will speak to that.

We generally did not use the ball well, often made bad decisions, didn’t take our chances and didn’t work as hard. Selections also hurt us. We could have won it, but I think they were the better side.


Time to wake up and put the players on the park for our next premiership.


Thought we stuck with them pretty well til the end. Umpiring was truly horrendous but i bet the club will be too gutless to speak out. Don’t get the McNeice selection at all. Positive: No excuse not to bring in Francis next week.

Hard to admit that they’re maybe not a bad side.

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we lost but we are NOT ESSINGTON today. we missed a few chances and few umpiring decisions went against us. the pies played better but we certainly could have pinched it.