Review vs Collingfree


I would love for us to just come out and rip into the umpiring, but we won’t. The club is so worried about towing the company line that they won’t put up a fight to what clearly is prejudice against the club and it will just continue to happen. Playing nice and keeping quiet certainly hasn’t helped us, so f*ck it and come out swinging.

Regarding the game it was same old, same old. We worked hard, but missed easy shots again to open up a bigger lead and it came back to haunt us. Jake Long is a VFL player and have no clue why we left Dea our for McNeice who did very little. Our midfield looked spent as did Belly and although Brown and McKernan played ok (Jake had a quiet one)…it’s a massive worry that Brown and McKernan are our key forward targets.

Still a slim chance of finals, but Mark Neeld and whatever weird relationship he and Woosha shared screwed our season from the start it seems.


They take us seriously and don’t give us an inch. Plus I reckon bucks hates Essendon the team. Always seems to g them up for Anzac day


Agree with all of this. While that miss didn’t cost us the win, it was certainly a turning point.


Cox almost gifting us a goal Pies were very lucky he didn’t turn it over


Your post is the exact opposite to WOBs


Never seen a player look more out of his depth than McNiece…will never be more than a C grade player. Dea must come back in!


still can’t believe we blew a 2 goal lead, had them on the backfoot for so long


I would have been more ok with the loss if we wern’t leading at any stage we had those kents on toast for 3qrts juts couldn’t get out to a 20 point lead


It’s hard to believe Smack and Mitch Brown make up our forward line.

Essentially our VFL forward line.

Hats off to them though. They are giving it a crack.


I’ve seen that repeatedly. Umpire bounces it 2m towards one end, that ruckman approaches the bounce anticipating a vertical bounce, stops and jumps at he ball where the ump bounced it, gets called for blocking because he ends up between the opposition ruckman and the ball.
It is just one of the many stupid “rules” (interpretations) that we are saddled with because they won’t let the umpires use any common sense and are fixated with a hard and fast, no judgement approach.
While I’m at it, the slide rule, the sling tackle and deliberate OOB - all rules brought in for good reason and if intelligently applied would work well, all over zealously applied by robotic non thinking umpires on the instructions of umpires’ coaches who have no feel for the game.




Well who the ■■■■ cut Dea from this game?


Umps wouldn’t allow it.


I like Dea he’s not afraid go back with the flight of the ball


■■■■ it if I knew?!?


One of our best defenders/ players weeks gone by…nope we’ll play ummmm Mcneice.WTF!


Comes straight back in with Ambrose injured would also bring in Ridley or Francis for McNiece


We couldn’t beat a half strength Collingwood side we all thought were ■■■■ at the start of the year. End of story.


Remeber when Hurley was a forward.
Scharenberg would have ■■■■ his pants!
Yet today Hooker and Hurley were watching Stephenson and some other gromet.


We are the only team to turn struggling players like Mayne and Milochek into superstars