Review vs Collingfree


■■■■■■■ Ay!
Would it be a 10 goal hiding had there been half the list injured come in?


The original free against Goddard was there. He let his opponent get goal side for the overlap and held him so he couldn’t link up with the handball.

The problem was he had a defender covering just ahead of him so he didn’t need to do it. For an experienced player that was very very poor

I have no problem with the 50 Being enforced if that is the rule. The only problem was I swear we had ones of those in the second qtr, but it was just called advantage.

Still can’t believe the holding the ball that was somehow paid as a sling tackle. Such a joke


We played a better team today and lost by a couple of goals.

Missed the class of Raz badly… and he really is our barometer… no Raz/no EFC it seems.
The Umpires were again very very very biased. To ‘lose’ the free kick count so badly every single week against every single team is statistically very unlikely and yet that is what is happening. Either a directive from AFL or a clear umpire intent or both… Club needs to step in and do something or we will never be able to compete. When you have ‘unbiased’ commentators actually mentioning it and playing along with the fans… it is a real problem. Truly horrid and the non calls are what really kill you.
Our tackling was good, but we don’t get the HTB calls so it looks bad… the opposition also learn very quickly that they can ‘toss’ it out without penalty and hence why we look so bad compared to other teams. They lay a fingernail on us and its HTB… we hold them while they spin 720 and then ‘fumble’ the ball to the guy next to them and its play on. Not to mention they have to almost decapitate an EFC player to give away the free kick… whereas you can literally dive into an EFC fingernail and “High contact, Collingwood”.
McNeice is horrible. Cut him now. Fire into the cannon etc etc. How he got a game ahead of Francis baffling and ugly.
Ambrose going down hurt but our lack of polish hurt more.
Colyer a liability at the moment… directly cost at least 4 goals… one of the key differences in the game for them… eeek.
Woosha again makes no changes even when the game started to slip away from us. This will need to change if we are to progress.

It was a game of almosts and we were dominate for large stretches without hitting the score board. I’m disappointed but I reckon the effort was there and hopefully we rebound quickly with a solid win against GC.


They are giving it more than a crack. They kicked 5 goals between them. Are our stars doing better?


We need to be more “clinical” when coming into our F50. If we can do that we would kick many more goals. We were so close to beating the maggots but our forward thrust could not be completed due to not enough space being created in the F50.


Still pretty annoyed with the way things went yesterday. But i always enjoy the reviews here and thought I’ve made it my thing to share here, so…


Tippa is our Alwyn Davey replacement at CHF and they kept kicking it to him on top of his head.
He’s not Cyril who can take a high mark.
Speaking of Cyril fox had a highlights show.
It was mesmerising. Then I got depressed and turned it off because I kept comparing him to Myers who we drafted at no 6 that year.
I know other clubs also overlooked him but the connection to the rioli name was strong having seen the sublime talents of Dean and sheeds connection with Maurice. Big mistake that one.
Back to today’s game and apart from the disgraceful umpiring there were too many kicks to Howe and Cox etc. who marked a lot of our inside 50s.
And sidebottom continued his match winning form against EFC.
Looking forward to seeing the team against the suns up here next week.


Didn’t put enough distance on them in the 3rd

Then the midfield ran out of legs having Myers, Stringer & Guelfi (back to cover Ambrose) either limited or not involved in the rotations.

Normally we play Raz a lot in the final quarter for centre square formation to not only zip ball away but to pressure. Was badly missed.

Certainly had some umpiring not go our way but loss was down to their midfield getting on top in Q4


That just makes me so bitter. Anzac Day we lost Begley and Green 1st quarter. This game we lost Ambrose and then had restrictions on Stringer and Myers??

Ffs. Would have been good to have a fair crack at them. That game was ours.


They are not missing 9-10 top 22 players by the way. Yes they have injuries, but their core is still there. They have some very good kids that is probably making them better that they would be with these other guys in the team.

I said it 5 years ago, we have become Richmond (pre 2017). We have fare too many inconsistent senior players that keep getting picked regardless of the fact they let us down over and over again. I know Whoosa delisted a few last year, but there are still a handful on our list that should be there for depth, not best 22.

You know what, I just don’t care anymore!


yesterday i was furious at the umpiring, but i think today i realise that anger is more at the fact that those arrogant, smug, racist ■■■■■■ are betters than us. fml.


Injuries, the umpires… perhaps can’t we just admit that we ain’t good enough when the pressure came. It’s been the same old for 15 years. If the umpiring was such an issue which it was, why dont the club ask for a please explain?


Our stars aren’t playing.

Read my post again. Its a compliment to them.


Finally got around to finding a stream of the game and just finished watching it. Definitely a different perspective to when I listened this morning. Selection wasn’t great IMO but McNeice wasn’t as bad as many thought. I still don’t think he will make it but credit to him he kept his opponent quite so gets a tick there. Long was another that got smashed on here but thought he was ok and tried to create something. Again I don’t think he will make it but he deserves a chance to string a couple of games together and deserves that to see if he can pick up the tempo of the game. He looked a little lost and struggled to pick up the pace of the game but it’s a big step up from VFL. Smack and Brown tried their hearts out but forward entries were horrible and a couple of Smack brain farts cost momentum in the third quarter. Backline did ok, Hurls played really well however his kicking and decision making let him down at times, had a few times where he needed to kick to the first option instead of stuffing around with it. The midfield is our biggest issue still, severe lack of pace and the lack of intent or desire to spread and cover opponents continues to hurt. Lost count of the amount of times they were allowed to slowly chip it around and transition forward. Mids continually bombing into the forwardline and at one stage when Cox went back we kicked it on his head 3 times in about 5 minutes when we had loose players around the 50m arc. It’s sad but Father Time has caught up with Bags and BJ both were badly exposed at times yesterday. BJ looked like he was running in concrete at times and Bags can’t kick over a jam tin ATM.
Anyway it’s been a long day so off to bed


They have had a very clearly defined plan for the rebuild & concentrated their resources into the midfield. Until we have a midfield that can compete at the top level for 4 qtrs & for 26 weeks, everything else is wasting time.


There is that little thing called the saga which had a major impact


What is shows is that we are still miles off playing in a Grand Final. We have a hell of a lot of work to do on all levels of our footy before we get there.

Maybe watching what Hawthorn and Richmond have had to do might help our Board and Admin.


The saga is the reason we have Zerrett, the best mid the club has drafted in 20 years. If there was reason to believe we’d given the midfield the attention it needed before the saga we might not be facing 14 years of no finals wins.


And yet we were lining to trade up to get the Bont and would have refreshed the list via other picks (had penalties) and trades (why would any players come to us) and losing class players

Taylor Adams is one who was keen to come to us but chose Pies in end. Lachie Neale another but too much uncertainty with position club was in.

People can’t accept reality that our midfield isn’t advanced as the Pies at present. Lang, McGrath, Parish, Guelfi and co all just starting really. And we’ve held onto a few out of necessity that might have been moved on.


Reading some of this commentary you would be forgiven for thinking we were smashed yesterday.

I thought we were actually the better team for most of the day but the umpiring conspired against us in the first half and then Collingwoods superstars/experienced players stood up when we required.

Football is won in the middle of the park and that is unfortunately our most inexperienced area on the ground.

We have made great strides over the past two months but we need to continue to build on it.