Review vs Collingfree


I said most. That Heppell in the back one was bad.

It’s the ones we don’t get that is the issue. Our tackles don’t seem to get rewarded. Players get hit high (Green the other week. Walla this week). Arms chopped in the marking contest.


I get it but Hepp would not have had a free paid against him if the lime green Collingwood player had not failed to pay holding the ball first.

My point was the umpiring was crap because they didn’t pay the frees that they should have and just waited long enough for an Essendon infringement that was probably there or at least close enough.


That’s the etihad stadium.


oh really? always thought that was the MCG one


Mcg one is next to the hanger. Etihad is for injured rejects. And kids playing kick to kick


No, knowing us we’d have won by 10 goals!



Skippy saying not only Stringer and Myers playing hurt but Belly was also “on one leg”. All that combined with losing Guelfi to the backline saw us get run over.

Great to see that whilst we had clear struggles he also said wasn’t good enough to let Pies dominate in last.

Lots of positives still really from the game

Worried about those who were sore being right after a 6 day break only. And Raz. Although Parish dominating in 2’s might be easy swap for Myers.


Belly clearly got beaten in my opinion but I was impressed that he continued to throw his body around in pack situations.

He’s certainly stepped up to be a leader this year.

Good on him.


Thought the selection was right playing a slightly smaller side in the wet conditions.

We probably need to have as many midfielders possible. At one stage yesterday Heppell, Smith and couple of others played over 100 minutes in the guts.


Change grounds and rehab on the other one. And turn the sprinklers on.


Why do we persist in kicking out to the wing? It just seems to come straight back in again. I cringe every single time I see it. We need to take the chance and kick it straight down the middle.


Yeah we have 2 plays.

  1. Kick it long to just outside 50m near the boundary and get out-marked or out crumbed
  2. kick it sideways to the pocket and get hemmed in and then do 1 above

Actually in truth we have been a bit better in recent times. For 1 we are actually taking the mark or contesting well and then breaking even with the crumbs. For 2, we seem to have a few options after the 1st kick.


The loss stings like anything; pretty gut-wrenching. But as plenty of others have said, this probably ain’t the week for outrage; we killed our season in the first third of it, not yesterday.


I would bet a LOT of money that Gil and his corrupt mates will make sure that May is not suspended for our match.


Ain’t that the truth. It was always going to be a difficult task to fit the SSS into the team and have it gel from day one. But hard to ignore the losses to Carlscum and the mini tin rattlers - win both those and it might have been a different story.


Gee that sounds so familiar. Thats right, it sounds the same as what we have been saying for the past…what ten years? (with one or two possible exceptions… )


Glad i didn’t take your bet.


Keep going on the trajectory we are and we win this game next season as well as Freo, Dogs and Carlton games. Possibly a couple more. Anyway, as disappointing as it was we didn’t get belted and hung in there late. Just had too much to overcome in the end after a very good month and a half.


They done it already? What a sham of a “competition”. They are so corrupt now they don’t even bother to try to conceal it.

And what about the Collingwood players who directed the F bomb at that maggot yesterday who dared to give us a free kick - any disciplinary action? The maggot didn’t even give them a 50 m penalty. Imagine what they would have done if Dustin Fletcher had been that “demonstrative”.