Review vs Collingfree


Yeah, I forgot to have my mock half time oranges.


Season up and vanished like a fart in the wind.


I’ve seen people who grizzled about Hoskin-Elliott not getting a free for contact below the knees. If a bloke is on his feet, albeit falling, in possession of the ball and in the act of handpassing when an opposition player cannons into him and the player in possession is penalised, then it’s time for the mob with the pitchforks to march on AFL House and call for the guillotine.

And you left out the “protected area” rule where a player in the zone is expected to dematerialise.


In true Essington style I fully expect us to go on another streak in coming weeks with yet another untimely capitulation ‘proving costly’ to our slim to non existant finals chances. Only to lead to more regret about not blooding youngsters.


This loss has me really bummed.


Pies lowest score since Round 8 against Geelong when they kicked 5.15 which is their last loss.

They too lowest a player for the game before half time that day - Moore.


100% this.

This season reminds me of 2008 more than others.

Hope Port dont have to win by 100+ to make the top 4 in the last round…


Yeah don’t care that we played well losses should never be expected you think Clarkson would be happy?


Your logic is that Worsfold was happy we lost?


Can see us winning 4 of the next 5 and being talked up leading into the Richmond game only to be hammered by them once again


I miss the old Richmond where Rance turned it over in the goal sqaure with Ben Howlet kicking a goal


I was not having a go at you. I was merely pointing out that they are doing “a job” as our forward line rather than just having a crack as no one else seems to be dominating the forward line each week the way Smack and Brown have.


Also the lowest number of scoring shots this year.

In other words, we restricted them better than anyone from scoring, even with their last quarter rush.

Our problem was that we didn’t score enough ourselves.


We did, and the AFL replied “I’m sorry, you seem to be under the impression I give a fark”.


Raz plays - different story. (4 goals last week, averages 3 goals a game vs Pies.)


Elliot’s record against us would be very good also



Coach votes:

10 Scott Pendlebury (COLL) = 5 + 5
8 Brodie Grundy (COLL) = 4 + 4
4 Jordan De Goey (COLL) = 2 + 2 OR 3 + 1
4 Dyson Heppell (ESS) = 2 + 2 OR 3 + 1
3 Devon Smith (ESS) = 3
1 Michael Hurley (ESS) = 1


There was one bounce in the last with the game in the balance where the ball went way over to tommys side over the circle and tommy just got his hand to it and it went straight to pendles

it should have been brought back, but pendles already had run away and kicked in to their forward line

that and the goddard 50 was pissweak cheating


^Strongly disagree with that!

It was excellent cheating.

They achieved their objective, and got away with it. So, ipso facto excellent.


I think of myself as reasonably middle of the road when it comes to umpiring. It’s terribke in general but doesn’t normally influence an outcome.

Yesterday it influenced the outcome. We lost due to blatantly poor decisions and moreso non-decisions.

I’m not saying it’s deliberate or a conspiracy, but if the umpiring was neutral then we win that game.

■■■■ the AFL, ■■■■ the maggots, ■■■■ the filth.

And fark Carlton.