Review vs Collingfree


Thought we really had no answers for De Goey when they moved him to FF in the 4th. Game Just swung their way completely once they made that move, compounded by the Grundy dominance from the second half.

Quality players…


Couldn’t get our game going. Tried very hard but our foresrdline just didn’t function. The dream is over now let’s get some games into some younger players and use the rest of our season wisely.


We should have won, we had them.

They would have to be the best midfield in the comp at the moment, Trelor missing really helped us. I think it shows we are one top line kid away from contending.

I hate going after the umpires, but FFS, time wasting for McKernan at HT, The holding free and 50 on Goddard, Tippa being decapitated multiple times a game and gets nothing. If Tippa got Selwood treatment for high frees he would be on Coleman pace. The AFL clearly were in Crackdown on Ess tactics this week, only every team does it.


When Scott Pendlebury had 14 possessions and won them the game.

Pendles is an out and out champ of the game and he willed them to win most clearances in the last.


visualise never losing again. as a collective.
if you deserve it the universe will serve it.


I’m definitely not happy with that, how could anyone be happy with that? That’s a game where we should have won and once again let it slip when it got a bit tough. As per usual… It’s easy to pat ourselves on the back when we get run-ons at Eithad against average opposition who let us do our running game, but name me how many blitz run style gameplans have won flags in the last 20 years? Maybe the Dogs who finished 8th and arsed their way to a flag? But I bet you you’ll get a TON of posters saying “good effort we’ll win next time with player x”. They had more out than us, way more, and once again we proved ourselves not good enough when the going gets really tough. We’ve now lost 5 of our last 6 games at the MCG, that’s sh*thouse.

Colyer’s selection was baffling. He was shocking in the first half last week and got on the end of a few late and was shocking again today, comes in after one full game. Dea dropped for the weaker McNiece and the injury prone Ambrose rushed back in. Why we dropped a solid contributing Dea for anyone else is beyond me. Long has been mediocre form at best most of the year and brought in, which felt rushed for Raz. No form, just in.

It’s the same ■■■■ over and over again. We know Heppell can get a lot of it but can’t kick, we know Smith tackles well and Zerrett will continue to rack up the ball. Are we just going to keep playing this midfield and hope one day they suddenly get us from 8-12th to a top 4 side? They’re a solid core but the rest are rubbish. Myers is 29 and people treat him like he’s 21, he has one good game and you have idiots trying to rub it on everyone’s faces for saying he was rubbish previously. HE’S BEEN ■■■■ FOR 10 YEARS with an odd good game every 6. Please no more. Bellchambers was destroyed after half time, still inconsistent.

I don’t really think Zaka will make things much better. He’s like Ablett he doesn’t overly improve our side, he gives you 30 possessions but defensively is mostly rubbish. We need kids like Clarke/Mutch being given games but they won’t until they get their charity Round 23 game. This exact team might beat Fremantle/Sydney coming up but they won’t win a premiership. We need to change the side drastically to really make a difference.


Plenty here to understand why our midfield ran out of legs in last.

And discussion on Francis


I’m guessing another small lock down defender would be good for our list. It would allow Mckenna to play his natural game. I feel we really need him to be in a more attacking frame of mind, then a defending one. We need to play to his strengths, it’s time.


Jordan De Goey is going to be some player and is going to be such a Colingwood player.


Why is Grundy allowed to hold the players jumper who is going for the ball all the time?

Even got paid the free when he had stripped the ball from Longy and then held it to him.


That was Hurley’s best game for a while.


Absolutely no surprise Ambrose pings a hammy, amd why!? Because once again the medical team/coaches decide to bring him in when he didn’t have a proper block of games in the VFL. FFS, they do this time and again with the bloke and he duly breaks down because his friggin body hasn’t had time to adjust and it’s working overtime under serious duress.


DeGoey the diffrence in the end.

We won’t win games like today untill we we a couple of his type.


Or Fanta in the team.


Theres a couple of his type in whole AFL.


Don’t think he would have made much of a diffrence tbh Pies made the game into a consested scrap which dosen’t suit us had no run and spread we were playing Richmond lite


My hatred of Collingwood is renewed after that.

What a bunch of massive flogs their supporters are. Did they chant u s a u s a are you kidding? Then ripping into the ump in the last for not paying a mark after an armchair ride all day? Then to top it off the cheering of sidebottom at the end when he finally got a possession?

Fark the lot of you Collingwood flogs


They killed us for marks F50

Francis in we would have won

With Raz out we needed a magic talent

Dea makes our back 6 so much better

Poor selection lost us this alongg with weird free kicks bounces htbs and non calls for holding our players

When we are top 4 I’m sure we’ll get the same bias


Terrible selection to have Ambrose, Hooker, Hurley and BJ in the backline against a nimble forward/midfield.


Key points from Worsfold’s press conference:

  • Mostly positive. Myers and Stringer both played the second half with calf injuries which, in addition to Ambrose’s injury, significantly limited our rotations. As a result, players simply ran out of legs;

  • Francis “miles off” what he’s going to become as a player (I don’t think he meant this as a criticism - more of an indication of his potential). Only reason he’s not getting a game is that his place is currently taken by Goddard and Hurley;

  • Praise for Heppell, Merrett and McGrath;

  • Long “showed a bit”;

  • Daniher has taken huge steps in his recovery in the last week;

  • Dea a chance to play next week - unlucky to miss this week;

  • Buckley also praised Essendon a bit in his presser.