Review vs Collingfree


They didn’t actually.

Marks were 12 each.


Would like a explanation of Goddard free + 50m penalty. Has to be a free first then something else to generate a 50 surely??



What was the 50 for?


That was as cunty a decision as I’ve seen for quite some time.


Edit. Oops got through the swear filter. Finally a win.


I hope not - would prefer people speak about it, thanks muchly Gil.


Did anyone notice that the Pies always had at least 1 payer about 5m horizontal from the ball ups?
The ball was fed out and off they went. I really hope Woosha noticed! The other thing is that whenever teams play extra players back (2 today) at centre bounces we have no idea. It means if we somehow win a scramble kick forward it is intercepted immediately. I really doubt Woosha as a coach when certain tactics are employed against him.


This rule was quite controversial maybe 5 / 10 years ago. They brought it in to stop influential players being stopped by opposition players stopping them getting to the next contest.

The real stupid call was the ‘dangerous tackle’.


Just have to chuck a y on the end of the naughty words…got it


ESSENDON: Umps didn’t help.

This is fox sports website three word analysis.


Holding the man after he disposed it. Was absolutely there. I don’t know on the 50 as I was looking at the scoreboard, but I assume it wasn’t delivered back. Or was BS.


That’s the rule. It’s a 50m penalty, not just a free.

Saying that it’s one of those ‘what free kick haven’t we used against Essendon recently?’


First time post long time observer of blitz…

Until we can do what Collingwood did to us in the last qtr then we ain’t going anywhere as a club, how many times when the heat comes has this club simply shut up shop and folded. Not good enough.
Long and Colyer… if their papers aren’t stamped then i’ll go jump.

The fact that they were able to waltz out of the middle time and time again in the last was pathetic.
Hey Essendon can we get a full time tackling coach down at the club? I counted about a dozen times where Pies players simply broke tackles with ease,

Though the backline held up ok. Amborse going down early obviously hurt us.
The rest of the years a right off, play the kids and turf the old brigade who are finished out, but I wouldn’t put my money on that ever happening.


Ambrose out hurt.

Stringer had a calf strain for second half.
As did Myers with a kick in the calf.

We need to repeat this.


Great effort by the boys. Apart from Tigers and Pies I think we are as good as anyone

I like the way we are going to look next year

In: Joe, Zaka, Raz, Redmond…and possibly Franga and Ridley

Pidgeon showed the last 2 weeks why he went No1


Really? How the hell is that differentiated to simple holding the man??? An Essendon player did it?


I didn’t write the rule. Look it up.


Except when it happens to an Essendon player
Then it’s just play on


It wasn’t you I was questioning there.


And the one time there was absolutely no doubt about holding the ball, the umpire managed to interpret it as a dangerous tackle. That was the worst decison of the day.