Review vs Collingfree


How many times in other games does the umpire blow the whistle for any free and the players are still grappling to the point that the umpire has to split them up before getting on with the game. What Goddard did was no different.


Except he’s essendon



^^^What happened to the other two or three?


De Goey and Stephenson are going to be a problem for us for the next decade. Studs.


we can’t beat the tigers- no one can in melb
but we can beat the pies


I turned off at this point - and so did the boys.

The 4-5 goal ump lead we have to overcome every. farken, week.


shame shame shame umpire


Why RockIV - There are umps missing.


What Goddard did was farking stupid.


Put down De Goey as another Collingwood player who will kill us for years to come, and more than likely Stephenson.


Frustrating game but actually manage to see some positives,
That team is second best in the comp at the moment. We lacked the class of Pendles, Sidebottom, Grundy and De Goey which got them over the line but we busted our a$$ all day.
At one point our forward 6 were Smack,Brown,Myers,Long,Guelfi,Bags. not one player from our forward 6 last year who were so good. Add in players like Mcniece who is VFL standard, Colyer who isn’t anywhere near afl hardened, injury in the first, a couple players limited. umpires fuking us all day and we lost the game by 16 points in the last 15 minutes.
It’s hard being in the crowd listening to their prick supporters when you lose, even more so for the second time in the same year but if you can take players like Smack, Brown, Mcniece, Colyer, Long, Bags, Myers out of next years team replace them with Daniher, Raz, Glesson, Zaka. and hopeful development of Francis, Parish, Ridley, Redman, Mutch, Begley, Clarke. a top 10 drafted mid and hopefully a couple of top shelf trades the potential on this list is huge and i actually feel more positive then i did making finals last year.


Yo I’ve got a plan to beat Collingwood. It involves waiting until Pendlebury and Sidebottom retire…


Having not being able to watch and having to listen via stream or rely on Blitz what was da go with DeGoey?
Did he only go forward in the last quarter or was he well held before that? Seemed like he gave Irish a bit of a touch up in the final quarter


Get your head out of the sand. He gave away a free kick. Where is the 50.


Very unlikely we beat the Tuggers so when is the last time we didn’t get a win against any of the other big 4 in a season?


I’m presuming he gave away the free and then pulled him down to prevent him being part of the next play? That’s what it sounded like by the commentary. If so that is a legit rule although rarely enforced


The pulling down was the free he gave away that was all


Played a fair bit as a mid replacing Treloar before mainly fwd in the last. Collingwood mids got on top in the last so he was able to capitalise on more space and better delivery.


Popped up in the last and kicked two important goals for the Pies and essentially kicked the match winner. Frustrating to say the least mate.