Review vs. North

Gee, North are impressive aren’t they Dennis?

Fark Me.


Hooker √
Hurley √
Edwards √
Laverde √
Baguley √
Stanton √

Knock knock
Who’s there
It’s Todd
Todd who
Todd mutherfucking Goldstein

Another bitter pill. How many more before it gets better?

Jonathan Giles.

■■■■ em

Yeah goldstein killed us. I thought our senior blokes played well and our young blokes came in and out of the game. Hooksey is a gun. Needs lesson from lloyd

We handed that to them with free kicks, dumb mistakes and turnovers.

So proud. Thought the bhoys were fantastic. Win to us.

McKernan no good

Pity we can’t kick straight still.

That and the young guys the difference in the end.

Steinberg is s joke

Personally don’t think Giles would have helped… Would have got absolutely towled up

Not a bad effort when you consider how many first team players we were missing

The effort was there and If we could kick straight who knows but the hand balling to flat footed players and unwillingness of some of the young players to kick the ball worries me a little. At the end of the day having no ruckman killed us and basically a lot of poor skills and decision making in the second half, as long as the effort is there I can forgive the rest, especially with such a young team…go dons

Yep agree Giles wouldn’t have made the difference, how the farm is Ambrose still getting a game is mind blowing

I’m pretty comfortable with our performance tonight. Obviously it hurts to lose and I’m still not fully around the fact that we are crap again but those things aside the effort and intent was there.

The decision not to play Giles was staggering and is yet another blunder in a long list this season. I realise there are lots of sides to an argument but we have now allowed opposition ruckmen to take the BOG votes in 4 of our last 5 games and by an impressive margin too. Watching Ambrose and Daniher ruck was almost as laughable as watching the umpires. Even just having a bigger body would be better than that.

I thought the trio up forward of Green Machine, Jerrett and Shaunyeeeeee worked really well. Not a lot of reward but a LOT more pressure, especially in the first half. Good stuff.

Hurley and Hooker are immense, but again we have found a backman that can mark the ball well up forward but conversion remains a problem. Would put Hooker on goal kicking practise all week because he has looked REALLY good up forward these past few weeks. Leads well, marks well and brings the other young forwards into the game. Couldn’t ask for more.

Heppell finding the same problem that Watson had all season, with no Hocking to help… you just get smashed all game with no one willing to block for team mates.

Norf are ■■■■… best thing is getting a better draft position than them because that team isn’t going to win anything soon.

McKernan is a CHF, poor bloke, i actually feel for him. I genuinely think he can play.

Giles should’ve played. Goldstein was the difference.

End of.

Fark me Hooker might be an absolute wild man Key a Forward if he could kick…

Scores probably an accurate description of where the sides are at in respect to each other
No issue with playing McKernan in the ruck the rest of this year but I really hope Hird isn’t banking on him ever being a #1 ruck. Clearly got a bath by Goldstein tonight, but I did notice he beat him for about a 5 minute period straight after he came off the bench after a spell
I hope we get a chance to see him up forward as I definitely think his go is as a 3rd tall forward who relieves the ruckman ala Ben Brown, then is probably the one subbed midway through the 3rd
At a stretch he could be a 50/50 ruckman like the pairing at the Hawks, but imo his partner would need to be the bash and crash type to compliment him

Giles wont be here next year. Stop talking about him. Pretty good game by the kids. But ultimately lost the game with two bad errors by Heppell and Hooker at the start of the 3rd. Lost all momentum we had after those two ■■■■■■ it up.