Review: West Coast

Tough night, really a flat effort. Coming off another short break and heading interstate against the premiers at full strength was always going to be hard. Unfortunately we know now at the halfway mark we are a fair way off the better sides. Deflated about another year where interest levels are gone already in June. Sacking the coach isn’t the answer I don’t think, time to get a look at some more kids. Zerk, Snelling mozzie etc.

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We aren’t even a middle of the road side. Still a very real chance of a bottom 5 finish.
The Saints will finish ahead of us FFS, THE FARKEN SAINTS!! :rage::rage::rage:


Was at the game tonight. That was one of the most one sided Essendon games I have seen in Perth. And I have seen a lot. Eagles should have won that by 80 at least.

Essendon have no strategy in taking kick ins apart from Hurley kicking wide to the same spot every time, and even less defensive nous when the opposition kick in.
Been this way forever and shows up the amateur planning by the football department


We are 10th. People keep talking about finals, ladder does not lie.

Another season, another missed opportunity

Please get games into the Riddler. Tippa has photos


Let’s be clear: the umpires were pretty bad, particularly in the first, but I wouldn’t have them in the top 10 reasons we lost.

Lack of effort
Lack of structure.
Pantsed in the middle.
Missed tackles.
Same, predictable kicking to outnumbered contests out of defence.
Hurley on Kennedy.

That was an 80+ point loss papered over by inaccurate kicking (and our uncharacteristically accurate set shots).


Some of our skills throughout the last 3 quarters were absolutely laughable.

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6 day break travelling & they came off a bye. Also the reigning premiers and we lost a rotation early.

We didn’t play well but wouldn’t be surprised if we beat GWS at home and go 7/7.


Keep finding and developing new players before this season is out, that’s all we’ve got left to gain.

Mozzie, Mynot, Houlihan, Snell, Zerk, just gradually get them in there.

Really enthused by Begley and Laverde’s game.


GWS are a skilful team if we play like we did tonight with no heart we will get flogged.


We are a mid table without decent a forward. Stringer would have narrowed the gap a bit but we really need Daniher firing to have a chance to move up the ladder.

Zaharakis is a complete passenger.
TBell was average after the first Qrt.
Dirty night for our defenders & Clarke, Smack
Mids were just ok Merrett the exception, Langford did nothing. Shiel was hand balling to a standing ruckman.

Yeah not a lot to like. Surprisingly we didn’t get spanked, which is more a function of there bad kicking than anything we did.

McGovern is a dog, Guelfi was out of play. At least 3 weeks for that dog act.

That rotation cost us significant pressure around the ball & run. But I think that we would have still lost even with him.

Begley gets better & Lav wasn’t bad.
Merrett best on for us. Nothing else to say really.

Good night


Won a final (made a GF) since our last win.


Looked flat as a pancake after Q1. 6 day break and travel must have been brutal against an angry eagles side. I feel sorry for our back 6, under pressure all night with 1000s of incoming balls which was a result of our mids not turning up. How do you fkg get motivated for that?!

Yeah against Carlton I was thinking - this is ok but nothing AT ALL to get excited about. I havent seen a side as arrogantly confident of having our measure. Ok, the Swans.
Another waste of a year.

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We are only two spots out!!!

Hopefully one positive to come out of the night will be that the commentators shut up about tippa only kicking goals in wins.

Begley was alright too.

Felt like hepp was the only one who really had a dip.

The rest were far too prepared to accept the pattern of the game and not try to do anything to change it, play on, go quick, lead hard, make a positional change. We just accepted kicking long down the line.

Tbell hadn’t had a mare for a while so I guess he was due.

Guelfi’s desperation was sorely missed. His teammates really let him down there.

Don’t like zaka down back.

Ryan made redman look sluggish, another change which was slow to come.

I’d like to think Gleeson will work his way back in soon and hopefully we get stringer back.

A loss that doesn’t really change the equation much but if we play like that against Freo up there later in the year that will be curtains.


they’ve won 6 games from 13 so far.

they have 10 left needing to probably win 8.

and you think they are able to make the finals ?
with this coach
with this list
with this clubs history ???



Thought of Hurley as potential trade bait prior to season commencing. Think we would struggle to even give him away now.


Midfield was a disgrace today. That second quarter I was actually hoping that west coke would score a goal so we could at least have it in the centre as it had been so long since we got it past half back.


Felt we were a sneaky outside chance but I’m gutted with the showing. The result doesn’t hurt as much the way this team goes about it at times when things get hard. That’s what hurts. I feel for WA (and NSW) fans.


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