Rex Hunt has notched up 2000 games of football broadcasting

Yesterday’s Tigers v Pies clash was a milestone for former Tiger, Cat and Saint Rex Hunt - he broadcasted the match which was his 2000th since 1979.

Here is the tribute by AFL Live:

Zaka is joining Rex in the commentator’s box on AFL live radio today

AFL LIVE football

.@DavidZaharakis gets to commentate alongside his boyhood idol Rex Hunt this afternoon #yibbitayibbita #AFLPiesNorth

EDIT... Just curious did, Rex do something inappropriate


Got his “rocks off”

worst caller in football.

l enjoyed him.
Also enjoyed the Captain and the Major.

3KZ IS football!!!

Loved The Captain and The Major.



Sex Hunt

Used to love listening to Rex calling games especially yelling YABBB-LETT. I know, showing my age but good on him, one of the only commentator’s I would put the radio on for if I didn’t get to the game or it wasn’t shown on TV.

worst caller in football.

worst caller in football.


I raise you one Gerard Healy

and for backup

I raise you one Dwayne Russell

worst caller in football.

Rex Hunt is not a great caller by any means but about 90% of callers today are considerably worse than he is.

Would rather listen to anyone else. Cant stand his rubbish theatrics.

His name has gone into the rhyming slang lexicon quite appropriately.

i was getting my rocks off, she’s earning a quid. how good is this?

He used to confused the ■■■■ out of me when I was a kid trying to work out the ■■■■■■ nicknames he came up for players

He’s hard to like, not funny at all, takes himself too serious, and is an arsehat.


when a horse notches that many starts they usually get shot out the back and turned into some type of adhesive. unless someone likes that horse..
worst caller in football.

I got my rocks off.

He’s not-a-well-man

Who gives a flyer about the big two faced farkhead,.