Richardson & Rutten

Hi All,

Round 1, what a disaster. Can’t imagine a worse start to the year to be honest.

One thing that is puzzling me is two people who have recently come over from Richmond: Richardson in 2018, followed by Rutten for this year.

Why would you jump ship from a club like Richmond, who are at the peak of their powers to a club that right now appears lost and directionless? They clearly have a high opinion of the club, their leaders and the list overall. Richardson particularly - he no doubt had massive sway on getting Rutten to join the Dons.

Whatever it is they have seen, we better ■■■■■■■ hope they find a way to action that in Round 2 and for the remainder of the year.

Interested in your thoughts and opinions on this one…


There are many reasons to leave one organisation for another.

Not all of those reasons hold negative connotations.


X is great at selling the “vision” of the club and its standing in the market place + the incentive of a pay increase and job security. no doubt.

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Challenge drives many people. Probably especially so in footy.


I’d like to believe that their moves were for the challenge of restoring our great club to glory. They achieved success at Richmond & may have been seeking a new challenge. Highly motivated people usually are. Just a guess. I could be entirely wrong.

“Hey, want another 300k a year? Come over”


Next snr coach

Many people in many professions jump ship even if they are going well.

Sure, it could have been about money but it is also for future asporations. Maybe rutten and Richardson moved to get more experience in other roles working in different organisations and with different people.

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Yeah this.

Richardson was demoted due to Balmes arrival, we gave him a promotion.

Same with Rutten, he’s effectively the Senior Assistant overseeing gameplan. Which was Carcellas role at Richmond.

Of course people switch for promotions and more $$

So they came from Richmond, who at least are recently successful.
Would you rather we picked up key people from Gold Coast?
Easy to understand why they’d leave there but …

So they were the duds at Richmond and we overpaid for their cast offs.

I actually hate this club.

Yeah there’s a healthy dose of Neil Balme being a massively controlling ■■■■.



Lets hope they saw an avenue to not only regurgitate what they know and learnt from richmond, but saw it as a way they could improve on the systems wholly achieve at richmond.

Cos if all they are doing is inplementing what they know feom richmond with little to no thought about how to improve going forward , we are truely ■■■■■■.

What’s depressing is if Rutten went to a different club you can bet there will be no such issues like “we need to gel” those players will get it.

For some reason our players don’t have the mental capacity like other teams to follow/implement instructions


Remember when we tried to copy Geelong’s game plan post 2007…

Imagine this.

If the organisation you work for pays you say $400k a year, and a direct competitor (who aren’t as competitive in market as your current employer) offers you $600k and a more senior role.

What do you do?