Richmond - May they cease to exist

Having been to every Essendon game in Victoria since the saga began I’m used to hearing the odd comment from opposition supporters about injections etc…

Tonight was a whole new level. Every time Essendon scored a goal or a was awarded a free kick the tigers fans around me couldn’t wait to have a crack at our players with “witty” comments about having injections or making some slanderous comment about James Hird. Which is somewhat ironic as the players out on the field didn’t have injections and unlike Justin Charles the suspended players never tested positive.

Rather than get angry I could only laugh as they rejoiced over a win against a team missing their 6 best and most senior players. Jake Batchelor gets a game with Richmond for crying out loud. Just think about that for a moment.

Richmond are a peasant club and had only subsists on the fumes of the fairweather supporters who think they are just around the corner from success.

They are a shitstain of a club and we are much closer to a flag than them.

I wish the club nothing but misery and eternal disappointment.

Quality rant.

I had the same near me. They will get theres. They are woeful.

Shaun Grigg is on their list. Still.

End thread.

who gives a ■■■■

Bunch of duds seriously. What makes it even more lol worthy is Cotchin was declaring that the list is capable of winning a flag lol.

North will give them a spanking next week and it will be back to “microwaving memberships” and “sack Hardwick”

and we’re the supposed good club that got themselves into a position where we’ve got top ups and lost to them. Wonder which clubs the bigger joke.