Ricky Dyson rejoins Essendon - THIS IS NOT A DRILL


She’s still dirty he burnt her


What a deadset pearler of a kick. Not a moments hesitation. Straight off the boot it never looked like missing.


Never gets old. Bit like Stants sucking on a durrie.


Good fella, run into him drunk (Me drunk) at Anzac day a few years ago…he was very happy with me saying his goal in the Zaka game was very important/underrated


I reckon Ricky was showing sme very positive signs until the day he had the crap beaten out of him outside that pub in Port Melbourne seemed to loose all confidence as a footballer.


always rated Dyson, was never sure why we cut him when he had pace, a game winning left foot and passion for the jumper, especially for all the driftwood we brought in over the same years


It was because he wasn’t very good.


The only bit that gets old is that it was Welsh being spoken about and not Dyson.


It was definately Dyson.


Definitely definitely and definitely Dyson.


You’re defiantly both wrong


SO many blitzers…


And over SO many years…


Defeyes belief.


Agreed. I thought he looked the best of what looked to be an exciting bunch of Stants, Gus and Nash at the time. Guessing I was wrong!