Rioli - Tiwi zone

Why haven’t signed every Rioli between the ages of 12 and 18 yet?


Because we didn’t get the academy afl was thinking about before they realised what it meant.

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Because not all of them are good

They are all good, just have varying degrees of fitness


Because we are a conservative club who champion mediocrity.


Give me the tallest fastest one thanks

Only if he can play on the HBF


You should write a submission to be the roving recruiter for the EFC… More Rioli’s I say!

Daniel Rioli might end up being a gun player.

Atm he’s just a role player for Richmond. Does a job in the forward pocket, and does it pretty well. Nothing outstanding.

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It bugs me to that we seem not recruit a Rioli. I’m sick of us picking players who seem one paced. More indigenous flair please. I’ve still never got over us taking Myers ahead of Cyril in 2007. He even barracked for the bombers


How many are there out of curiosity?

Recruit all the riolis.

We will win the first 10 minutes of every first quarter for everrrrrrrrrr

Would have been interesting if we were going to get Willie ~ 8 picks after he was picked up.

We should have reached for him IMO. Daniel was a slight “reach” and look how it turned out.

Daniel is a talent. He’ll have a great career.

Waiting to see if they can play HBF first




Did you not watch the prelim final? He came of age in that game, certainly wasn’t just a role player.

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Please reserve depravities for the Stringer thread.

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Was just wondering how many more Riolis there were out there & whether they were draftable/any good. Went looking for the @Benfti special thread & found this. A Daniel Rioli type would be most handy if there is one out there given our NGA & Tiwi connection.

I don’t know how many there are but one of them is the son of Maurice, the original and the best.

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