RIP Drew Morphett


Sad news.

My Sunday evenings were Drew Morphett on The Winners followed by Countdown. A brilliant caller. One of the best.


Very likeable figure. RIP.


“He aims it at the right goalpost - and hits it!!” Good call.
Vale Drew Morphett.


“This tape won’t be played in court, will it? I’ll be hung by the balls!”

Still seemed to be one of the nicest commentators ever.


Well, this sucks.


Sad news. He was a terrific caller of the football and cricket, and a good host of a number of footy related shows where they actually talked about footy.

Had the VHS tape for years of the ABC call of the 1984 GF, which he commentated and hosted.

Vale Drew


He had a fantastic inflection which could make even a routine passage of play sound exciting.


Excellent caller of football and cricket, loved his work on abc. Really sad news


Wow! Big shock. Not an old man. Agree with others about his commentary. l met him once and played tennis with him, Sandy Roberts and Superboot McQuinlan. They were all fairly amiable, he a little quieter than the others. Footy could do with a l lot more callers like him, and less of the BT type.


Sad news.

Always enjoyed his commentating, very genuine and professional.

Drew seemed just like an all round nice guy…

RIP Drew Morphett.


Loved listening to him. Will be missed. RIP


Very good football caller. But I absolutely loved his work on ABC radio calling the cricket. He and Kerry O’Keefe worked so well off each other. It made the summer an absolute pleasure with listening to the cricket.


Just a legend in his field.

Never was into self promotion and seemed such a humble person.

Today’s commentators could take a leaf out of Drew’s book on how to call a game professionally.

RIP Drew Morphett.


Excellent caller, if not the best. Great onscreen persona.


“Look at Kevin Sheedy!!”


He was one of those guys that just seemed to love footy (and sport in general), and seemed like he couldn’t believe his luck that he got to call it for a living.

Very sad.


For a white guy, he had a sensational Afro.

Will be missed by plenty.


Can we appeal this decision at some kind of tribunal?


Vale Drew Morphett, footy was better when you were calling.

You are missed.


That’s crap! RIP Morphett, I loved your calling and it craps all over the idiots today.