RIP Elmore Leonard

One of the great writers...many, many filmed books, both  crime and westerns.


Get Shorty, Be Cool, 52 Pick-up, Fuzz, Killshot, Jackie Brown, Out of Sight, Cat Chaser, Justified, Maximum Bob, Karen Sisco...and so many more.


3.10 to Yuma, Valdez is Coming, Last Stand at Saber River among his westerns.

AK-47... the very best there is.

I was a fan.  I was put on to him about 20 years ago and the first one I read was Get Shorty (far, far, far better as a book than a film) and I was hooked.  He wrote 45 books of which I've got about 15-18 and only one or two of the very latest ones are duds.  (He was getting a bit past it, I think.)  I tried a few of the Westerns, which is what he began with, and I didn't like them very much, but then I'm not a fan of Westerns; I was very impressed by his evidently deep knowledge of American history and the geography of the places he wrote about.  But I think he really hit his straps with the urban crime novels; his ear for dialogue is unmatched, I think, and the complete disregard for the law and the police with which so many of his small-time criminals act has a lot in common with his Westerns.  There's a scene in (I think) City Primeval which is a shootout between the hero Raylan and his enemy that could have been set in the Last Chance Saloon in 1835 with minimal changes.  A decent, unpretentious man as well, by all accounts.