RIP John 'Killer' Kilby

I heard earlier today that legendary Essendon trainer John Kilby has retired after 50 plus years at the club.

I hope EFC are doing something special for him because regardless for how professional & cutting edge our club is, it’s people like the Killer who make it truly great


I want to know what @Killer_Mike thinks about this

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David hille in tears.

Titled changed to avoid scares…

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Wishing him all the best in retirement. has made a massive contribution to the club

What gift do you give a trainer to acknowledge 50+ years of service on his retirement?

Golden scissors? Shares in Elastoplast? Two weeks in Thailand?

A sausage sizzle in his honour.

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I knew I should have trademarked my name.

Life M/ship. and heaps of Snags in Fresh delicious white bread, with onions Coleslaw and Sauce.

Not bad but you will disgrace his legacy if you give him sausage on stale bread.

He’s been at it for 50+ years for God’s sake. At least put it in a bun.

Also. Fukk stale Buns, … only idiots would go that route.

Retired or pushed?
Either way it’s a fantastic achievement and hope the club can ensure in some way that he isn’t forgotten and that he is looked after in some capacity

Vale Killer. Sad news but hopefully the boys can rally for him.


Vale, John.

Clubs are built on these types of people. As intrinsic to Essendon FC as anyone.


Hoping the boys rally for him today.

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Lovely man and Essendon to the core Killer, gave the club unbelievable service for such a long time. Vale.