RIP Subiaco Oval

Last AFL game to be played there this week.

Some memorable moments are:

  1. Darren Bewick kicking 8x goals against West Coast in 1993 (Essendon lost can you believe it) and the St John’s Ambulance horse licking Nick Wilson after passing out from too much sun and too many beers.

  2. Wagging school next door to go watch WA kill Victoria on a Tuesday in the 1980’s

  3. West Coast’s send off of K Sheedy and J Hird + S Lucas’ 6x goal effort in a losing side in 2007

  4. M Harvey’s massive right hook that (luckily) missed Dale Kickett in an otherwise forgettable H & A game in 1997


Essendon didn’t win many games at that sh*thole. Essendon supporters squeezed in behind the goals at the city end, suffering from sunstroke and unable to see anything until after sundown. Can’t wait 'til its razed actually.


I want to be the one to push the boom button

Fk that joint. It’s the worst ground in the game.


Easily the worst. I reckon I’ve seen maybe 2x winning games there since 1987.

i was waiting for something from you on this, and you didn’t let me down LOL

I absolutely hated watching Essendon get slapped around on that ground year after year. I can’t even imagine how Perth based supporters have felt over the years

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(Lucas kicked 8; unless you’re referring to 6 in the last quarter, it was close to that. Also, he was tripped.)


I paid a West Coast member something like $250 for this crap seat. In the second half I snuck down to a ground level pocket and sat with a few fellow Bombers — had a perfect view of his snap goal in the third.


Have been there 4 times and only seen 1 win and that was the Elimination final against Freo in 2003.
Absolute craphole and should of been bombed years ago


Everyone hates it.

So west coast do a commemorative jumper with a photo on it.


Up there with Footy Park.

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Can remember getting dicked in a game in the mid to late 90s where we kicked the first 3 goals of the game and then kicked 1 or 2 after that.

  • may have even been none

Footy Park was a great place and copped a little too much stick. Had the best surface of any ground in the country and it had become dated in some parts but had spent a bit on renovations.
Biggest fault was the lack of transport out there, the state government bailed on a light rail station it promised in the early 80’s

Had some shockers against freo too.

Watching two pelicans like Kingsley Hunter and Craig Callahan kick bags in the same game to get us by 16 goals


I grew up in Adelaide and HATED going to games there.

Need to get back there for a game at the oval actually.

I reckon that was in like round 3 or 4 in 1999 i reckon. We went into the game undefeated. Long had his lung punctured by a massive cheap shot by Chad Rintoul i think

Went to 6 games at the ground since 2012. We beat Fremantle in 2012, the two games vs Fremantle & West Coast in 2013 with all the ■■■■ going on, particularly the Jobe Watson booing game wins were some of the best I’ve ever been to. Finished on 3 wins and 3 losses. In terms of a stadium, a big concrete piece of ■■■■. Poor leg room for a giant like myself and confusing signage to sections of seats. Will be at our first game at the new stadium next year. Look forward to it. Talk WCE are wanting to play a big Vic team over there and knowing the AFL they love sending us interstate Round 1.


Footy Park always had the best stadium name.

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That’s the one

Was it 8x? Excuse my mistake. I had my wisdom teeth removed earlier in the day.

Lucas kicked 8 including 7 in the last quarter of that game…I was sitting close to 50 metre line at the end where he was kicking them.

I’ve wasted so many hours at that dump seeing us get pumped on a regular basis.

Will be glad to see it go