Rnd 18 Non Essendon games

Another Friday night blockbuster to start the weekend of footy: Saints v Tigers

A meaningless game for for us, the result has no bearing on our chances, either way. Yawn

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We’d probably want Tiges to win so hopefully they have top spot sewn up by the time we play them in the second last round.

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The SAints beled them at Etihad last year but I can’t see it happening this time. All over by halftime is the most likely scenario.

beat scotty and the salami for the thread…

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All about that Big Mac hat this week.

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I gave ‘em plenty of time! Didn’t look like it was happening. ‘Bout time I created my first thread anyway. :wink:

You might need to do the nugget commentary :grinning:


nah. that aint me.

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nothing beats a mcchicken.

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Spicy McNugs?


Love the game round starting with a friday night fixture that’s only interesting to neutral supporters who have a bet on the margin

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Saints will win.

Im at this game f all here

See that amazing stat from C7?

Premierships won since Rd.16 2017: St.Kilda 0; Richmond: 1.


Panell down in opening seconds, best game of the year so far




Pannell gave that bs free kick to martin. He’s a deadset cheat


That was ordinary, paid by the ump in the middle of the ground too.

Pannell. Of course.

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This is going to get ugly.