Rnd 4 Non-Essington Games


Anyone going for Melbourne this week is a bum.



Melbourne will win. Sydney are fkg cooked


In which we discover if Franklin really has fallen off the cliff.

Go Dees :joy:




There isn’t a cliff high enough…

I used to kind of like Sydney.
And no, I don’t mean when they were the worst team ever.
Now I only really like Reid and Lloyd.
Mills and Heeney kind of irk because you know why.
And they’re both good players, but not as good as they should be.

Easily top ten of all time, but he kicked 17 goals in the first four rounds last year.
And I don’t see him kicking 11 this week.
Still, you never know.
It’d be a big turnaround.

Go Swans, screw Dees, want them to stay on the bottom for laughs.

I think on balance I’d prefer Melbourne.
I like Sydney where they are.
12th is good.
Any lower than that and the AFL will rewrite the rulebook to help them out again.


Melbourne will win by 10 goals


What if I don’t care either way? Still a bum?

If you care for Melbourne, you’re a bum.

Yes and no. They’re still both pretty young (both 22) and in Mills’ case, the last couple of years have been disrupted by injury. Plus he is such a good intercept mark and good disposer that he spends a lot of time in the defensive end. Will spend even more time down back now that McVeigh will be out for 8x weeks. Sydney see Heeney’s value as a forward with occasional midfield time but I reckon once it goes the other way, you’ll see him consistently average 25+ disposals a game. And when he does he will be farking dangerous because he’s a pretty good clearance winner now on limited time and gains plenty of ground when he has possession. Reckon they’re both tracking pretty well.

I think we both said the same thing except for that last line.
Heeney would have to be the most talented player for his age in the league.
I both hope and do not hope that potential becomes reality.

I liked sydney when they where the worst. back in 1993
actually felt sorry for them, but at least Paul Kelly tried.
But yeh after Dunkley smashed Hirds face and they whacked Lloydy and Plugger kicked the point, haven’t like sydney at all since.
Hoping melbourne can break its loss streak against the swans.

I don’t think anyone could dislike Kelly with the iron belly.

Given that 13 teams are on one or two wins there’s plenty more to think about than watching a banged up Sydney
This Round should start to get some separation going, both on the ladder, and to figure out who were merely fast or slow starters in the first three rounds
Colliwobbles vs Doggies?
Ninthmond vs the Tarps?
Geelong vs GWS?
Eagles vs Dockers?
Saints vs Dawks?

All much more relevant games as far as Essendon is concerned.

Sorry Diggers - irrelevance has come sooner than you expected.