Road to Finals - for all teams

Of course this involves Essendon too but more so the run for all teams.

7 teams vying for the final 2-3 spots in the 8. 5 teams vying for a spot on the top 4.

How does it pan out?

Very interesting ending to the season. Contenders for a top 8 spot are playing the same teams. Could be a number of spots decided in round 18.

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I’m not really worried about Port Adelaide, they’ve only beaten sides below them on the ladder.




Nice one Lusty.




If Joe plays every game I think we are in with a chance. But I don’t think Joe will play every game so need to pull a few games out of our ■■■.

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I think Joey is more likely to play the Eagles, rest against the Cats and then play against Port.

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Where is the Ladder predictor that used to be on the website in years past.

I highly doubt he will play against the Eagles on Tues.
Hurls will be back, and with Kennedy OUT, we can keep Hooker forward.

Hooker, Stewart and Stringer is enough tall forwards.

The following Sunday when Joey comes back IN, Hooker can go back to start on Hawkins.
Seriously, with no Ambrose, we have no one else who can do that job.

Available this week

Can use this one in the mean time

It looks like the GWS games against Melb and StK will be massive for who gets a spot in the 8.

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And our loss to GWS really stings when we had them


Thanks, i have us playing Lions in the GF.


Not even avaliable, such a dumpster fire of a website, gets worse every year.

would suck if we win 2 and just miss it

would suck a lot more if we win 3 and just miss it — quite possible, we need someone such as the Saints to fall over.


i can see us beating eagles, port, dees. Geelong will be difficult.

Hopefully we get some results around us to work in our favour!

Geez with our form we will be lucky to win one game.

We have beaten one team in the top 8 in Collingwood and they arent guaranteed of ending up in the 8.

A win or two and not getting flogged would be a good result in our last 4 games.


Good thing is that if we win all our remaining games, we will have momentum having beat quality teams and could consider ourselves genuine flag contenders. Bad thing is, it wont happen!

I can only remember our last 2 quarters so I’m lid off.


we have a chance against eagles. Cripps and kennedy out.

after watching port play the swans they werent convincing at all. #1 on the ladder should have absolutely flogged third last but only won by 26 after an arm wrestle most of the game.

melbourne i see as 50/50.

geelong will flog us.

heres hoping, i really wanted us to get this finals loss record off our backs at the start of the year and weve just broken the record from richmonds finals win hiatus. Every day that passes now breaks the record.