Road to Finals - for all teams

Living in QLD. If Brisbane win the GF. I will not turn on the TV ever again. Vomit.

Most palatable for me is West Coast too.

Fark Brisbane.

If has to be the Pies Flag.
They cant win in September, and lucky for them the grand final wont be in September again this year.


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We just have to win 3 out of our last 4.

You’d want the 1 of the wins to come against the dees to take points off them as they’re in the hunt too

If we win 3 of 4 games and make finals, we will be flag favorites.

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haha everyone will just say that it’s the same old essendon - scrape into the 8 and get belted week 1 of finals

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Difference will be that we would have beaten 3 of the top 4.

Sorry if a dumb question - but will the finals and Grand final still be played with short quarters?

The intent is for that to happen but one of the footy shows discussed reverting back to normal length quarters for the finals series.

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Not a dumb question. The answer is yes.

The AFL had the balls to say this was because they don’t like to change rules mid-season.


Cats will win the flag.

I’m still hoping for a fairytale ending

All we have to do is win every game from now on and the premiership is ours.


I’ll take a fairy tale ending!

But I’ll settle for seeing 4 games of good footy :laughing:


How many minutes of extra time in a drawn final?

2 lots of 5 or 4?

As if the AFL have thought that far forward!

Melbourne loss makes things different for the 8

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Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 9.46.12 pm

Essendon’s road to the finals.


Hopefully Geelong don’t show up against us.

3 wins and we’re in.

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Hopefully Essington don’t show up again.

3 wins and we’re in.

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just stop

we’re not making it. FMD

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