Rolling Trade/Delist/Draft/Rookie thread

So i am well aware that its round 3. but im curious what everyones thoughts are about who we keep, delist, drafte etc. im looking at the list this year and theres much fewer players that stick as candidates to swing the axe at. on top of that, theres a bunch of these players called “top up players” i dont know if youve heard about them, its some kind of player supplements exchange program.

this is less about bagging players and more about finding room on our list for next season

at the moment the players sticking out to me:

Shaun Edwards - TRADE/DELIST - watched him in the VFL today and have been watching him for a while. theres alot of hype around him but i just dont see it. he just doesent seem to do enough.

Jackson Merrett - TRADE/DELIST - i acctually really like him. i like his brother more, but i like him too. i think hes a bit too inconsistent and isnt likely to get a game when the 12 amigos come back.

Adam Cooney - RETIRE - Has been an unbeleivable player at the dogs but we cant keep the oldies forever. hes been looking better this season, but i dont think its enough to warrant keeping him.

Tom Bellchambers - TRADE/DELIST - i feel like hes far to slow and lazy. he might have re-ignited the fire after the suspension but he was not great after coming back from injury last year

Jason Ashby - TRADE/DELIST - we have too many half backs and to me he shows the least promise.

Tayte Pears - TRADE/DELIST - another player i like, but too many injuries and not enough skill.

Matt Dea - DRAFT - theres tons of upside to this guy. is trying hard and had an interview today where he mentions he needs to improve still. good strong body and is looking solid

Anthony “Walla” McDonald “Tippa” Tipungwuti - UPGRADE - contract him until 2050.


Francis has shown nothing so far. Delist

Francis has shown nothing so far. Delist

the next gumby.


Couldn’t have put it better meself.

Ahhh, gurged. Someone was onto it toot sweet.

I’d take a 3rd rounder for that Parish lad.