Round 1 2018 Non Essendon games - Offical Chicken Nuggets Thread

Yes there are other games.

Richmond to make a absolute mess of ■■■■ carlton. If theres one positive about the Richmond flag is that they whip it out agaisnt those ■■■■■.

Legit AFL your opening the season with:
St Kilda vs Brisbane
Port vs Freo
Gold Coast vs North (in Cairns)
Well at least the battle of pelicans (hawthorn vs collingwood could provide early season lolz)

GWS vs Footscray (in canb)
Melbourne vs Geelong (apparently Danger, GAJ and selwood are in the same midfield)
WCE vs Sydney (optus stadium opening game)

Legit opening the season with stkilda vs Brisbane and Gold Coast vs North.


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Might have been taking the P155

No other teams could play those teams and make it exciting though

North vs GC. Attendance guess? 5000?



Have to have the odd couple of games where toilet clubs play each other.

Is it North of Melbourne’s home game?

Doesn’t matter if you put GC v North in Cairns, or don’t play it at all, no one would notice.

Saad’s going to be dumbstruck when he plays on Anzac Day.


Highest crowd the Sun’s have played in front of is 49k in Adelaide. Anzac day will be slightly higher.

Capacity is about 10k, Will be capacity, or close to it.

Fans up this way are desperate to see AFL standard footy. Whether this game fits that description is debatable though.


Its about div 4 country league standard.

depends if they were any good.

north in the carey era were entertaining.

Not only FNQ footy fans will be desperate to get some live footy, so will footy fans in general. Hence scheduling matches which probably feature lower viewership both on tele and in attendance than say just the attendance of EFC vs say Freo at Etihad.

I’ve got a busy footy weekend, will be going to

  • Richmond vs Carlton
  • Essendon vs Adelaide
  • Hawthorn vs Collingwood
  • Melbourne vs Geelong

Obviously, my enjoyment of the last 2 games entirely depends on the Bombers performance Friday night. Is it sad that a win/loss dictates what kind of weekend I have?!


No, you going to the other 3 games indicates you’re sad.


These 2 games should be very entertaining.
Not sure why you would subject yourself to watching the Tiges unfurl their Flag though ?

Nonetheless, you’re quite the football supporter Wanderlust.

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An MCC member I take it?

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That’s a negative to attending the game, but I still like being there for “opening night” of the season. I’d love it if Tigers lost though. That would be heavenly.