Round 1 - Essendon v Hawthorn

It’s about time we had a thread.

What’s gonna happen? I actually think we might get up, but I won’t be suprised to be flogged either


In: Hocking, line-in-sand
Out: mid-afternoon-naps


Tipping both, we will get up early in the game to then end up getting flogged. Getting the supply of Valium ready.

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I just want to go on record as saying this Luke Hodge suspension is such a wank.

They are basically jerking each other off about how fantastic it is that Hodge has taken a suspension.

This club is ripe with hubris and has well truly started to drink its own bathwater.

Its also a great thing they have lost Mitchell and Lewis isn’t it.

I want to smash them


I was feeling positive about this game despite the fact I think it will take some time for the team to gel this season and am nowhere near as positive about this year as some are…

That was before Looney went down. Without a true ruckman I think we will find it hard, even if the Hawks don’t have a good ruck themselves.


Selection will be very interesting. At this stage I reckon the only certainties of the new and returning players are Watson, Heppell, Hurley, McGrath and Stewart. McKernan will also play.

Hooker 50/50, Bellch and Myers obviously out. Have Stanton, Hocking, Howlett and Colyer shown enough in JLT? In saying that, three of those will probably play.

Is that enough of a change from last year’s wooden spooners to beat the Hawks? Dunno. However, don’t discount the pure passion and desire that will lift us.

But then, a midfield with Merrett, Watson, Heppell and Parish is mighty and our forward line actually looks dangerous.

Defence is shaky on paper, and this also why I still think we’re best off keeping Hooker as a forward.

Don’t be surprised when they name a very underdone Bellcho… Played the VFL intra-club, will play the VFL practice match on Friday. If he gets through I imagine they’ll pick him, whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen.


I think it’s safe to say that naming Bellchambers would be a bad thing.


O’Meara and Mitchell will play well and it will be absolutely insufferable.

I have no idea what the game’s going to be like, honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see us beat them easily, got totally dismantled, or anything in between. The returning players in particular running themselves into the ground and being dead on their feet in the second half seems very believable.

We’re gunna win.

Comfortably too. At least 6 goals.

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I’d prefer omeara to Mitchell.

WOB.Make sure you wear a WOB badge at the G, if you come down to the Grog squad I will buy you a beer !


Like the pre season, and pre 2016, we will look awesome for 1-2 quarters and fall away in the end. i just cant see us getting up with all the anomalies around the team. we have tons of talent, but it feels like were still finding our touch, were still working out our best 22, we need to work on our endurance and we have alot of concerns regarding our ruck stocks.

i will be happy if we are competitive and are in the game for its duration

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Hooker JoeD and Stewart will all play with Smack in ruck, Walla green and Fanta all foward makes for a dangerous forward line. Hartley Hurley and Ambrose down back with Stanton Gleeson Kelly and Bags looks strong also . Reckon could be used on wing also


As far as passion goes, I’m very happy with the new march to the 'G efforts and the general excitement of a post-suspension team. We even had a powerful volume at the QEO against the Cats. However, the Mayblooms will also have a bit of passion around Captain Roughead. Let’s get loud and stay loud.


Had a dream last night that we won by 32. Last footy related dream was when we smashed the Hawks by 40 odd at Jihad. Yes, I understand that Lloyd was playing. Make of it what you will.


Alistair “Hubris” Clarkson did not even bother to be in Melbourne or even go to the JLT or even coach the team on game day. He is such a good coach now he could coach them even from the other side of the galaxy.


I’m not very confident we will win.

I am confident we will give it our best shot.


I think they’ll do exactly this… With Hooker.