Round 1 - Essendon v Hawthorn


l'm going to call bullshit on the Watson / Robertson incident in '83. Watson never shaped up to him, his hands were down by his side when Robertson threw one punch, that was all, just one, but it landed cleanly and that was the end of that. Robertson instigated the entire incident which happened right in front of me, although l was sitting high in the stands, l had an uninterrupted view.


I second Captain Jack. Also saw the Robertson incident, which if memory serves (problematic these days) followed a series of ankle taps and a corky. It was clear at the game that his instructions were to nobble our best player.
And let's not forget Allan Jeans was a policeman, and as such would never 'instruct' his players to break the rules.
In those days the telephone books in the cells were purely decorative designer items.


Can we still get (semi-decent) tickets for this match?


I hate these carnts.


Thanks for this TinHill. I had always thought Sheedy brought an extreme hatred of Carlton but more of a respect for Hawthorn. This suggests a simple targetting of whoever might be a flag rival. The portrayal of Hawthorn is pretty funny. Excepting Dipper, they come across as some cold bunch of loner robots who know they must not mix with the faceless mass of other teams. "We're the homogenous other at Hawwwthorn..."


My gut feel says we need to play McGrath and Baguley unless Kelly goes to Puopolo and Gleeson plays on Breust. Which isn't out of the question. But at least one of their smalls has torched us for the last 10 encounters! SO I'm hesitant to leave Baggers out, given he's our best small defender of the past 5 years, on the back of a couple of poor pre season games.

I roll the dice on Francis. He's gotten through 2 VFL practice games, he is an integral part of our future and we need to get games into him. Has more physical presence than Stewart, offers positional felxibility and means that Langford can spend more time in the midfield rotation. Does Hooker/Francis make our forward line underdone? Doesn't matter when you can clunk like that duo.

B - Baguley (Puopolo) Hartley (Vickery) Ambrose (Gunston)
HB - Kelly (Breust) Hurley (Roughead) McGrath (Rioli)
C - Zaharakis (smith) Watson (Mitchell) Parish (Hartung)
R - McKernan (McEvoy) Heppell (O'Meara) Merrett (Sheils)
HF - TIPPA (Burgoyne) Daniher (Gibson) Langford (Birchall)
F - Fantasia (Duryea) Hooker (Frawley) Francis (Stratton)

I- Stanton Goddard Colyer Gleeson


They were still selling level 1 seats when I had a look last yesterday so they can't have sold much for the game just yet.

Hopefully things pick up during otherwise we'll be heading for the standard 60k v hawks instead of a proper big crowd.


Peoole are coming from bloody war zones for this game. If you live in bloody Strathmore and still haven't bought a ticket, lift.

Surely we'll get 70-80k.


Think there'll be a lot of walk ups, people won't be getting in til qtr time.


Safe to say they consider Gleeson best 22 i think


True That. was a brain fade - Team edited accordiingly.


Asking alot of McGrath on debut


Doubt they'd let you in.


It may be, but, I would say he's probably the best matchup on our list.


Who is your 2nd ruckman?


I can't imagine the march breaking into a run, so i think you are right!


Yep, a point for debate - I chose to forego this by playing Francis over Stewart and Bellchambers.


Thanks guys. Was able last night, to access Lev 4 seat upgrades for $7 apiece, which, curiously we couldn't do during members pre sale, (??)... $45 was cheapest available then, .. which is a bit weird, .. but at any rate, we're sorted & worry free.


The only one left for a chop out is dana I guess. Unless you count ambo lol


I got front row Level 4 near the goals during the presale for $7, very pleased. They didn't come up immediately and like you say, they were flogging off more expensive options to begin with.

My wife probably won't be able to make it so I'm most likely to have a spare reservation. Seat is under the scoreboard in the Olympic stand. Anybody need a seat? Swap ya for a bourbon and coke.