Round 1 - Essendon v Hawthorn


I think Soft Tissue is looking at Ambrose for the chop out. Surely not Joey, given his knee and value as CHF?


Soon to be: VictorWhatesforgettingpasswords


i would have merret on o'mera


I will be there, but as an MCC member won't count towards tickets sold until I walk through the gate.


Mcg estimating 80k. Their normally within a couple of thousand


Sorry Cyber :flushed:


Smythys back..aka Walter White for a period too I believe? Who will be next to re-emerge from the perma-frost of Blitz history as the saga-ice cap melts, SteadyTeddy, Hosko and R9 perhaps?









Gotta say, as great as it is to have footy back, it's very hard to get excited about the season given I leave Monday week for overseas until the start of August. Whole bloody season just about.

Now for a best 22 for the Dawks.

B: Dea, Hartley, Ambrose

HB: Gleeson, Hurley, Kelly

M: Parish, Watson, Zaharakis

HF: Fantasia, Daniher, Green

F: Tipungwuti, Hooker, Stewart

R: McKernan, Heppell, Z. Merrett

I/C: Langford, Colyer, Bird, Goddard

Emg: Stanton, McGrath, Howlett


This match is going to be epic. Imagine an 80,000 strong roar for Jobe.


I am fully sick excited about the season. I can't wait to be angry about losses, rue missed chances.. and celebrate the wins. I can't wait until midseason when we no longer have to start each article with the words "banned bomber XY". I can't wait to see Watson feeding Zerrett and Parish slick handballs. I can't wait for the game that Joey rips it apart and kicks a bag after taking hangar after hangar. I can't wait to see Hurley dominate down back along with his partner in crime Hartley. I can't wait to see Walla bobbing up everywhere to kick the sneaky goal or run down a slow winger from behind. I can't wait to see the look of pure green envy on my friends faces when they realise we have signed Fanta for another two seasons...

I just can't wait to have the footy back and be free to just enjoy it all....


rolls eyes
I can't wait to have a non-alcohol related spew every half time.




More like a tin of beans then?


Always thought Tim Watsons Testicles was a great user name. What ever happened to them?


I'm not sure but they certainly did a terrific Jobe.


I for one cannot wait until June.


Keep your thieving fingers off my t-shirt, you carnts! What could possibly go wrong with this plan? (Leaving t-shirts on seats and hoping no-one pinches them.)

Essendon will recognise the contribution of its members with a special giveaway at the round one blockbuster against Hawthorn.

The Club will distribute 18,000 commemorative t-shirts to its reserved seat members ahead of the clash with the Hawks.

"We want to recognise and thank our members for their unwavering loyalty and passion over the last few years," Chief Marketing Officer Justin Rodski said.

"Our comeback game is a significant milestone for our Club, our players and our members as we launch into a new and exciting era.

"Essendon members will be able to proudly say that they were a part of the Comeback Story.

"We think it will be a great spectacle with members wearing the t-shirts on the night in our member bays turning the MCG into a sea of red and black.”

The t-shirts will be placed on the seats of reserved seat members.

Sizes range from small to extra large and members are encouraged to swap with those around them to find their appropriate size.

T-shirts are only available to those attending the game and as there is a limited supply not all general admission members will receive a t-shirt.

AFL and MCC members won’t receive a t-shirt unless they also have a reserved seat membership.

MCG ushers will be on hand if assistance is required and members are encouraged to partake in the giveaway in a respectful manner.