Round 1 - Essendon v Hawthorn


Someone wanna collect mine then? I am a reserve seat holder but live in Western Australia :slight_smile:


They finally dropped.


SteadyTeddy never left the building. He just got a new handle.

Where’s sucking Vinnie sucking these days ? I miss him.


While we’re at it, whatever happened to Henry’s Angry Pills?


He got married. Then became too good for his old family.



He didn’t tell her about us did he?


Or worse, he did tell her about us.


We were HAPless to resist her.


Probably closer to 9 or 10 goal victory now I reckon.



what bays are reserved?


Close enough to the game to name my round 1 side before the actual one is named I reckon.

B: Ambrose Hartley Baguley
HB: Stanton Hurley Gleeson
C: Zaharakis Heppell Colyer
HF: Fantasia Daniher Walla
F: Stewart Hooker Green
Ruck: McKernan Watson Z.Merrett
I/C: Kelly Parish Langford Goddard
Emg: Dea McGrath McKenna

Not hugely excited to be naming both McKernan and Stewart. I think one or both would have missed if Leunberger or Bellchambers were fit and ready to go. I think we may be a pacy runner short and I’ve left 2 in the emergencies as a bi-product of the ruck shortage. Reckon Mcgrath will debut in round 2.


Do we have to share the gate takings with haw?


I’d play Begley or Brown over Stewart.

The former allows us to be tad more mobile and fridge like. The latter gives the flexibility to throw Hurley forward.


Yep I think that will be it.

Although Kelly on the HBF, Stanton in mid rotations.

How the club sees Hocking or Bird fitting in will be interesting though. Langford shown better form than them both over JLT so might actually have moved past already. It will however be a full scale war out there so Hocking has to be in mix.


So do people with only Etihad reserved seats get a T-Shirt?


That’s pretty close to how I’d have it too. Form will dictate a few of the fwd and back slots. Can’t see the mids changing all that much.


I really hope green plays, and does a big FK OFF fist pump to the hawks cheer squad end after kicking his 4th


Cannot attend the march or the game at short notice, absolutely ropeable. Scream loud guys & enjoy the evening.

Looks like i will be first up on ANZAC day.