Round 1 Non-Essendon Game Thread

Taylor adams is crap. Nice trade bucks

You know your getting flogged when Danyle Pearce is beating you with the hard ball stuff

Went early on N Buckley's contract extension.


Big mistake.

I wanna see the Easter Island head explode

Wish Gumby was out there.

God I hope they sack Buckley.

Fremantle are playing 11/10 football right about now.

Joffa should stand up with his Game Over jacket on.

This is a beautiful game. Where’s the live ladder?

Good to see, Collingwood with their pants down and getting spanked all over the park (tipping this week done already :( )

Ha Ha Ha, can't wait for ANZAC Day.


I wish it was Melbourne doing it to them

■■■■ Freo look good. 

I wish it was Melbourne doing it to them

No way. They make he sick. Free loaders.

When Freo kick their 11th goal against you half-way through the third quarter, you‘re ****.

This is great to see but freo look really good. The way they move the ball is so slick.

The telecast needs more Bucks camera shots.


How the Fark was that not holding the ball against Fyfe near the end of the quarter?

Farking disgraceful call.

I still don't know why or how "making a genuine attempt" to get rid of the ball is now justifacation for throwing it. Fyfe goes to kick the ball, ends up making no contact with the ball, yet it's play on. Throwing the ball is throwing it, no matter what your intent was, flick handballs are not allowed, despite your attempt being to handball it, so why the ■■■■ is this ■■■■ now allowed.