Round 10 Essendon v Williamstown @ Windy Hill, 12pm Saturday 24 June 2017

B: 59. A. Heppell, 49. M. Dea, 20. J. Merrett
HB: 39. H. Hocking, 14. J. Ridley, 5. B. Stanton
C: 3. D. Parish, 23. D. Myers, 34. J. Long
HF: 27. M. Redman, 28. M. Brown, 16. J. Begley
F: 51. A. Boyse, 38. S. Draper, 10. A. Francis

R: 22. M. Leuenberger, 24. C. Bird, 54. N. O’Brien

Int: 70. A. Carr, 66. K. Strachan, 57. N. Hind, 37. D. Clarke, 25. A. Morgan, 74. J. Madden, 71. J. Cornell, 19. K. Mutch

23P: 72. J. Ottavi


Hmm, no Ferry, and we still have to dump three AFL players to the bench.

BROWN! Doesn’t even get the courtesy of a mention in the club article.

Parish return, Begley and Dea are presumably the AFL emergencies and will return in time. Bird didn’t make the trip.

Ottavi debut as 23rd man.

As with all of our home games, entry is free. So after an interminable two weeks of nothing, come to the only game in town.


And throw you chips on the ground to distract the seagulls

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Williamstown have won their last six games and have a percentage of 157%.

Let’s smash ‘em.

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P.S. Willy.

Parish obv going to request a trade so we’re relegating him to the 2s.

Is this Darcy’s VFL debut?

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fkn hell.

Lock us in for the win:

Are we ever gonna get a televised game?


Only if DJR gets periscope and a good data plan


Vodafone 18gb for 45 do it djr

Sunny. Light wind to the school end.

Speaking of which, no veggies available at that school’s market this morning. That’s as bad as last night’s closure.

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Brown Parish etc confirmed. Hocking warms up with the defenders?

Francis going back.


Thank god for this.
I wish I remembered it was on, I was just in town…

Brown forward?

Redman Brown Ridley also back.

Who needs key forwards?

Loony starts ruck, Draper FF.