Round 10: Shaunye vs Megan Gale

Saturday, May 28



INS: Shaun Edwards, Courtenay Dempsey and Ryan Crowley

OUTS: Mason Redman (omit.), Conor McKenna (omit.) and James Polkinghorne (omit.)

B: C.Dempsey, M.Hartley, M.Baguley

HB: A.McDonald-Tipungwuti, J.Gwilt, M.Dea

C: J.Kelly, D.Zaharakis, Z.Merrett

HF: B.Goddard, M.Brown, O.Fantasia

F: S.Edwards, J.Daniher, A.Cooney

Foll: M.Leuenberger, C.Bird, K.Langford

IC: D.Parish, M.Gleeson, R.Crowley, P.Ambrose

Emergencies: J.Merrett, J.Polkinghorne, M.Jamar

I love meat

Am i doing it right?


Good changes


Edwards deserves it based on reports from VFL watches.

Fair enough

Now let’s get out and flog these pretenders

2 Gleesons?

Edwards had better not languish in the forward pocket all night. Get him up on the wing ffs

Okie dokiess

Crowley must tag.

Great to see Dempsey back . Edwards comes in on form in the VFL , in great timing for Dreamtime .

Woosha reads blitz. FACT

2 Gleesons 2 Crowleys should fire up blitz

Langford Bird gone AWOL

Good changes
Distressingly predictable and based on form.

HAMS excepted.

They misspelt long

Edwards…OH BABY

What does this club have against upgrading rookies when listed players are on the LTI list?

Good changes, a little short down back though, hope it it ■■■■■■ down. Will suit Crowley and our short defence. Play demps forward please. Rotate Fanta and Edwards wing/fwd. Apply heaps of pressure and get Richmond chipping around in circles like mad men. Houli out will hurt us but we are not without a silly chance in this particularly if reports that Richmond have installed themselves as premiership favorites are true…

Good to see Edwards back in though. Now is his chance to impress and stay in the team for the rest of the year.

What does this club have against upgrading rookies when listed players are on the LTI list?

One you don’t have to list a rookie and two let them earn a shot