Round 10 v Sandy @ Trevor Barker Oval - 11:40am Sunday 12th June


Laverde to shoot for goal. Kicks it.

Lovely kick by Polky, marked by Laverde. Set shot… Goal

Laverde is nominal CHF. Marks and… goals!


laverde marks and goals from 50, delist clearly not following team instructions.

Laverde runs off for Muller.

Legit tiny crowd, on a lovely day, for a match that matters.

Stupid long weekend, time with family etc etc

Laverde sure is a unit. Can’t wait to see him get a proper run of it in the seniors.

Over to you, TV watchers.

Its not on my TV

Laverde play very well.

No one who takes a set shot like that belongs in the ones

LAV already looking like our best after 7-8 weeks off lol

See what I mean? Why the fk would he have even considered something other than go goals. I LOVE him. Get him a good number PRONTO

Gach lovely leaping tap.


what a kick that thing was on a plane.

St Francis is the longest kick we have.

It took TEN minutes for Francis to intercept mark.

Gets fifty, kicks the crap out of it to the face of goal.

Conor point, 8-14.

Who is 58 for us? That was pissweak