Round 11 2017 Non Essington Games

jane bunn’s not in bulla, wake up sheeple.

The Hawks we know and love are back.

I don’t mind Port.

Ban me.

Neither do I :grimacing:

Ahh Judas why couldn’t you stay with Essendon. Seriously ■■■■ Port for only giving us pick 17. Absolute rubbish they got away with it, atleast we got pick 5 for Carlisle.

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Fark Whorethorn are ■■■■■.

Long may it continue…

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I mean yeah they’ve only played a game or five but I just don’t see anything in these kids. Their drafting/tradinf/FA got then 3 flags but they could have some serious bottoming out

Every time i see ryder playing i get ■■■■■■ off. Not only coz he dogged us but how the ■■■■ they got away with giving us pick 17 the ■■■■■■.


One side I don’t care about and one I want to lose, all good!

Clarko getting ready to Turkey slap whoever thought that recruiting Vickery was smart

The courageous one has been pretty poor with his disposal in tight. He might have to start limping and get a head bandage.

Was enjoying this until I remembered we have them next week week. Fark.

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Faaaaarrrrk,… we play these prikks next week …, after GWS, … and then the bye.

Might be time for a months blitz holiday… “Tahiti look’s nice” … “Simon, … Tahiti”


Well this is rubbish

Surely Clarko’s coaching accreditation is up for review now?

harvard your way out this ya garden gnome.


Lol giant bag of them Hodge.

■■■■ off

toumpas is such a spud.

Wow, port really haven’t beaten anyone have they? They’ve thrashed the teams they have beaten, but still.

Burton could pinch the Rising Star.