Round 11 2021 Non Essendon Games

Bit of a bugger there’ll be no crowd tonight.

Could have been a real FN Special.

Hopefully still a no holds barred hurtfest with a close finish.


Will be a great test for if Melbourne are the worst 9 and 1 team in history

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Daniels not playing? I thought he liked the head gear. Doesn’t he want to protect his head anymore?

Crowds on the score boards is bullshit!

Bulldogs will spank Melbourne

Win but by 9 points

I think he doesn’t put it on until he starts playing.

Glad the AFL will be changing the time slot for Friday Night games 7:50 start is too long of a wait

That umpires hair is a foot tall. Outrageous. Doubled the height of his head.

Neither team will notice no crowds


Hope the Bulldogs massacre them. Great side, they play attractive football, I want them to prove that sides that play high scoring entertaining football can win flags.


Ah yes there he is watching Harmes score the 1st goal.

Kosi comes into it immediately.

Oh ■■■■ BT is commentating

Please bring back the fake crowd noise when there’s no crowd!

Go Dees.

Oh ■■■■ Ling is commentating on Auntie

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Harmes runs into space. Pickett gets the ball out to him, easy goal.
Petracca gets the next centre clearance.

Being able to hear the players celebrate so clearly is not bringing back happy memories

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How did Zane Cordy improve?

AFL is ■■■■ without crowds