Round 11 2023 Non Essendon Games

Sam De Koning looks like he has football at 7:30pm in Geelong but a masquerade party at 8:15pm in Melbourne.

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Greene! Wow!!

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He’s a freak tobes


Still a huge flog.

He is having a fair game in honour of himself

Who cares bloke is bloody at footy

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I am really loving the fact that Geelong’s last game with a large chunk of their flag winning team from 2022 was against… us.

They’ve been decimated and done nothing since.

Behind one end at Kardinia Park, looks like Geelong kindly allocated a third of the ground to GWS’s entire membership

There’s a bunch of orange bollards and a bloke in orange PPE supporting them.

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And they will have thier full team back when we play them again

They did get the win over Crows but agreed. Nothing else since.

And will likely have all these players back by the next time we play them at GMHBA :joy:

He bashed someone at a family restaurant. I struggle to get excited about someone like that.

Apart from a bizarre stroke of luck for us when 6 of Brisbane’s best went down with COVID prior to playing them at the Gabba, we have never managed to get any advantage whatsoever from an opposition having players missing.

Since when?

Google be like:



Oh ■■■■

Bacchus is coming for you

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I’ll keep an eye out for any Zimmer frames