Round 11 Non-Essendon Games

Post your views on this round’s games. Starting with Swans v Cats tonight!

Blicavs on Franklin could be interesting

Lonergan usually destroys him

Is this on 7?

On 7. Swams looking very dangerous. 

Thumbs up for Thursdy night football.



SCG is the worst ground on earth for footy.

Worse than the Olympic Stadium?


You know it’s going to be a dour rubbish game to watch, you know Sydney are going to get all the free kicks, you know there will be no atmosphere.

Worst in the business.

Geelong making it look like we weren't too bad. 

Maybe we weren’t that bad last game. …

EDIT: RB beat me to it.

Well. Is that Essington in Geelong jumpers?

Just wait until the Swans get a few bullshit 50metre penalties.

I rate Murdoch, but that was woeful play there !

They’d have kicked 13 straight against us

lol at Stevie J

Bizarre game. Despite the scoreline for Sydney, it feels very flat. Cats aren’t switched on at all, I’ve seen more of their players hesitate and be reactive than I have for years I reckon.

You don’t hear much about the Australian of the Year

We were 5X better than the Cats when we played the Swans a couple of weeks ago.

Fark Sydney just have shire loads of talent

Fark Sydney just have shire loads of talent

■■■■■ loads and shire loads !