Round 12 2020 vs St Kilda Matchday Thread

Yeah, i dunno if this game is worthy of an ITS TIME.

Just wait til Butler launches his 6th into the top deck from the goal square

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its time to wait 2 hours and 45 minutes!


Imagine if we play our best small defender on their best small forward.


We need to play out of our skins for 4 qtrs to beat these guys. Can we farkin put Connor back in his best position??

Is it just me or does this festival of footy feel like the time your parents caught you smoking and made you smoke the whole pack in one go inside a closet to teach you a lesson?


I’ll allow it.

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Another honourable loss coming up.
Saints aren’t that good so wouldn’t be surprised if it’s under a couple of goals.

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due to timing of the game will struggle to be able to watch mutch today.


The same team Freo beat after giving them a five goal head start?

I’m going to put $100 on saints to win today. Not that I think that we won’t win but it will almost guarantee a win for the bombers with my track record. If we win I will be rapt and if we lose a few extra dollars coming my way will help soften the blow. Bombers by 18 points and Begley to kick 4 goals.


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so the fleeting enjoyment of maccas before or after the game?


That’s the million dollar question, can we play our players in their best performed positions.
Please use a tagger.

I think the saints will be putting a bit of time into Stewart today. Might be good for Smack and free him up for a big game.

Ready for the yearly “lets make Membrey look like peak Buddy Franklin” show


Does Begley look like Hodor? When is the last time he played.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a time when I go into a game confident of winning, or at the very least confident of a good effort.


Hahahah yes

Ryder is gonna give Drapes one hellava lesson today.

Still good for the kid. Will be a good un