Round 13 2020 Non Essendon Games

Single stand alone round before footy fest 2.0.

Is this season still going, fk me.


Who cares.

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I Say

Class from Vandenberg. Like this

Hartley in for the Hawks. Hope he has a good game


Fark Carlton

How TF does ANY profiteering R-sole clothing Co actually OWN the rights to the Aboriginal/Indigenous fking FLAG?!!

How were there even Rights to buy / claim, if not by those it represents and created it?
Does anyone own the rights to any other Flag??

This is just sooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

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The guy who designed the flag sold it to them.

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Well, what an r sole he was then.

Didn’t think maybe hand the rights over to the Aboriginal council or such so they could raise money from licensing it out and help the people it represents perhaps??

What a prick.

It’s his, he can sell it to who he wants to.

Why the commonwealth didn’t buy it (compulsorily or otherwise), is the question.


For 10k I hear. May be an unconscionable conduct claim against Wam if so and the contract can get torn up.

The AFL should announce they are funding a law suit

That’s a pathetically small amount of money for what it is, and what it stands for.

Hence, unconscionable

That video package on fox was pretty neat

Friday night footy in Darwin! :heart:

Carey sooking about a non-paid mark. Replay clearly shows it wasn’t a mark, so he has to stop and admit the ump actually got it right.

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What happening in the game not watching just checking scores 4 minutes in and no score?

ping pong atm, basically just bouncing between the two arcs without good i50 work.

Saying that Eddie just passed perfectly I50 for the Bloos. Terrible miss and barely got a behind.

Budarick is playing on Betts. They just showed a pic of Budarick as a kid with his hero Betts of the Bloos.

Shows how long Eddie has been playing.