Round 13 2024 Non Essendon Games and Vanilla Ice Karaoke

Unless he’s got some sort of fracture (and he did miss a few weeks last year with a hairline fracture) unlikely. Looked like an impact injury.

Think we can beat both of them.

Just got to fix soem stuff up. We just lost two games we could have won.

Sydney’s speed of ball movement is the only thing that worries me across the comp.(maybe Port when they are on)

If our teams wants it enough and gets a kind run with injuries we can go deep in September

What an AWFUL round of football. Kkkollingwood, Fark Carlton, Hawks and that angry midget Alistair Clarkson all getting wins.


And the Tuggers…

Yet 3rd on the ladder

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But would we beat a fully fit Pies side?

Dump kicks have been Oliver’s MO for a long time. They are nothing new.

Worst recruitment move of the off season, he is hot garbage, but Nino still wanted us to pick him up.

Name a player that Nino hasnt suggested we pick up

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but only cause he didn’t know who he was


Ross the Toss would love that score line.