Round 13 Essendon v Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Saturday 15 July 2017


Starting bench the same again. So Hind off.


Stants starts quarter at half-back.


Hasn't he been there most of the day?


Just noting it given the 31 touches in three quarters.


Although Channel 7 says: Stanton 32, Francis 18, Langford 17.


Benny harasses the ball from multiple opponents... and then handballs it back. Argh.


Redman back in defence.

EDIT: and kicks out on full on the wing...


Boyse has been good, .. always get an effort from him.


Onya Stants. Deserved that one.


And makes a very decent hundred metre sprint to tag Hind on. Half-forward for the bounce then straight back onto the ball.


Really liking the description of Francis' game. Just do the basic stuff well right now. Then you have 10 years of senior footy including finals to add the glitter.





Smack is an annoying player to watch.


KANG!! Another.


Clarke a satisfactory kick to Langford’s advantage, who deadpans another goal.


Langford is "resting" at full-forward.




Loony with a forty metre kick. Up.


Franga quietly destroying all Fark Northerner attempts to go forward.


Frang genuinely in our bests today. Solid.


I like Mutch