Round 13 Essendon v Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Saturday 15 July 2017


Some numpty on here was talking up Boekhorst the other week. Still a nup.


Maybe 4th.
Werribee currently in 4th getting their arses kicked by Richmond.


Green played well enough last night to hold his spot though I thought, plus, they are not the same sort of player at all. I have said this a lot of times, our forward line is so hard to match up on because no team has three small defenders with speed, not three key defenders. Soon as lav comes I there as a medium, we ■■■■ it all up


There was a whisper Green had a knock of some sort. Not exactly the same player but I think he's the closest & probably the weakest too.

I'm not sure he's got the form to get a spot in the midfield given he plays forward in the VFL. I think they might have given up on him playing much AFL midfield this year and set him as a forward as a slightly easier target ( in terms of fitness at least)


Best thing i seen was Stants getting high numbers, kicking goals and most importantly enjoying his footy.
Still got it.


Long is going well. I feel they are keen to develop him. If he can get stronger he could be a real show next year.


What a 24 hours


A Bombers reign supreme weekend. :relaxed:


Green got 2 cheapies over the back.
And the amount of times we kick it above His head and hes to small or out in front and hes too slow,

Wouldnt be surprised to see Laverde in for green.

Just means tippa and Fanta need to stay closer to goal more.


Lav for green is a bad move.

Lav for Stewart is more a discussion, and it's not one




Was impressed with Long today, played a smart game. Clean, lot of 1%'ers, and no (didn't see any) mistakes.


Mutch had a solid game too. He obviously doesn't have a head or neck. I don't think he got any free kicks when he was grabbed there.


Mutch will just slot into the senior team in a year or 2 and nothing will look out of place.


Goals: Laverde 6, Langford 4, Stanton 2, Merrett, Leuenberger, Dea, O'Brien

Disposals: Stanton 36, Langford 26, Long 25, Francis 22


Lots of clips and some LOLs at


Huh. Never happened, but we did kick six goals in the last ten minutes…


Ridley is the definition of "coming along nicely."

Could just bob up in the team out of nowhere early 2019 and then never leave it.


Enjoyed the commentators who knew a bit about the VFL listed guys and where they had come from, also managing to commentate the game without hyperbole and big noting each other.


Kicking 6 in VFL is not the measure. It's his ability to run a game out at AFL level. If he's there then maybe. But green is important to how we are scaring the beheezuz out of teams. The way the saints were trying to keep a spare goal side and still getting blasted past is because of our pace including the gut run component. Green might not have got lots of goals but he's an important part of the structure.

Our best 22 has laverde most likely but only when he can gut run the last quarter.