Round 13 Essendon v Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Saturday 15 July 2017


Had his hammy iced after the game


How many flags 2017?


Replace BIG BOI with Langford and OH BABY


I think he kicked 2 in the last yeah he is ready for afl


Stats are up in 'Footy Live'.


Great to see LAV and Langford putting their hands up for selection kicking 10 goals between them.
I'm ver bullish about these two, such a dangerous combo rotating through HF and middle


I opened the app and it just says LAV in 200pt font?


Gold Coast wanted a second round pick for Daniel Gorringe and now he's 3rd ruck in the vfl behind an American and a 19yo CHF


Hepps may need a rest??
Even Tippa??


I agree completely.
Unfortunately, Corrigan's message at 1/4 time was to avoid kicking it short going forward and make sure "our entries are deep". Exactly what they did, and kicked it to their extras for the whole first half/


Hind played maybe 80 minutes. 11 kicks, 6 handballs, 1 mark, 3 inside fifties, 2 rebound fifties.

Goes to maybe two-thirds of the stoppages when on, other one-third stays out of the pack. Usually on the defensive side -- that's why you see him bursting forward and kicking over the mass, rather than running onto someone else's burst.

Rotated endlessly on opponents but with one brief exception neither side really stuck to the other. So I can't really say if his opponents were damaging (I don't think so). Backed his judgement to read the ball and fill any hole the Fark Northerners might have exploited.


Is there any coordination in the overall game plan between the teams? As opposed to game day tactics?


Remember the good ole days when a good performance in the VFL meant you were in line for AFL the next week.... Now we are up and about in the AFL you need to smash the door down to play in the firsts...
Langford plays well, longy was really good, But only Lav is any chance of playing next week..

I love Stants but his BOG was like last years Norm Smith, was awesome until you actually see where the ball went after he kicked it!! Same with Hocking.


I don't get any of these posts. I thought the Coaching was fine, and they looked almost a carbon copy of the team last night a lot of the time, .. right down to missing shitloads of early chances at goal.

Completely bewildered by these opinions.



Mine wasn't an opinion, it was a question.


Totally agree. And I think in games against less skilled sides, or sides that don't play to the team plan, it costs us. But overall it's should set us in good stead when we see some of these kids get a run.


So glad to see Stanton run back into form. To think we have Stanton, Langford, lav, leuy, Howlett, jobe and Ambrose out of the side ATM gives me real confidence we can cover a few injuries (touch wood). Francis showed a bit too in the role I prefer him in. Very very encouraging. A few guys in the ones are going to be kept real honest


There'd be quite a few who've been touching wood this weekend I reckon ....


Yeah but he rhymes with orange. Nothing does that.