Round 13 Essendon v Fark Northern @ Windy Hill, 2:10pm Saturday 15 July 2017


The "quiet" Langford's 16th disposal hits up Loony in range.

And goal.



5 Goals, .. ferking 11 Points.... * Sigh*


Smack set to mark at top of square, slips over. Geez.


Went for LAV, when Begz was free as fk, .. Oops.


I want Long to keep going and play well. Still think he and Jackson, if they come good, could fit in the side well.


Never highlight a score of 5.11.41, thanks.


That wasn't highlighting, .. that was Bemoaning, ..:persevere:


Jackson > Begley, BTW. And a slot awaits due to injury, it seems.

Changes for Roos

Hind on, loose handball but no damage


Jezza is intent on keeping my perfect record intact.


Well done Ferry,.. that was some determined running.


Hind handball.

Franga quietly dominating.


LAV! Again.


If LAV pulls up alright... gimme a hell yeah.

Another mark and goal to him.



I reckon Hind would be on a few clubs radar by now. He's this year's Hepp A.

Who BTW, isn't yet lighting it up as he did then. Hope he comes back to form in the last part of the season, or he won't be in rookie contention as we hoped.


Francis 2 or 3 Hurley esque kicks. He can go the Hurley or Hardingham route with his kicking at random. Hope it's just confidence/experience.


BANG. The excited one dobs it from 50, casual as you like.


The Langford, got mad skillz.


Redman has been moved forward, BTW.


The Fark Northern forward line is entirely impotent.