Round 14 Essendon v Casey Demons @ Casey “Very Out” Fields, 7pm Saturday 22 July 2017

B: 49. M. Dea, 29. P. Ambrose, 10. A. Francis
HB: 27. M. Redman, 50. J. Ferry, 19. K. Mutch
C: 57. N. Hind, 39. H. Hocking, 5. B. Stanton
HF: 20. J. Merrett, 51. A. Boyse, 30. K. Langford
F: 16. J. Begley, 44. S. McKernan, 34. J. Long

R: 22. M. Leuenberger, 24. C. Bird, 40. B. Howlett

Int: 38. S. Draper, 59. A. Heppell, 54. N. O’Brien, 37. D. Clarke, 25. A. Morgan, 69. A. Marklew, 55. D. Younan, 63. M. Darby

23P: 61. W. Berry


And Don Draper.

Oh, and Morgan.




Casey Demons

B: 37. D. Johnstone, 9. M. Gent, 44. J. Smith
HB: 1. J. Hutchins, 6. J. Munro, 17. E. Morris
C: 41. M. White, 42. J. Wagner, 48. C. Maynard
HF: 45. D. Keilty, 24. J. Moncrieff, 57. B. Stretch
F: 69. B. Kennedy, 26. S. Weideman, 76. A. Brayshaw

R: 59. J. Spencer, 65. C. Pedersen, 2. B. Fritsch

Int: 25. D. Gordon, 22. G. Lok, 35. A. Ferreira, 33. C. MacHaya, 34. M. King, 51. B. Giobbi, 7. Y. Zijai, 27. A. Scott

23P: 23. B. Morrish

Out: Strachan (poor second game), Laverde (promoted), Ridley (???)

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God that is a ridiculous place to be playing a game of VFL football.


Will those named on the field play usually?

If so:

38. S. Draper, 59. A. Heppell, 54. N. O’Brien, 37. D. Clarke, 25. A. Morgan, 69. A. Marklew, 55. D. Younan, 63. M. Darby

at least one of the bolded players isn’t playing.

What say you @theDJR?

I say ‘you can count’!

We’ll get a hint when the VFL put out the “released players” list tomorrow night.


Take your passport, @theDJR …and your winter thermals…or your ski gear.


Down the road from me so its ■■■■■■ great.


The good news is that there’ll be a strong northerly that won’t fade during the evening, so it’ll be surprisingly warm.

The bad news is the wind chill of a >30kph wind into your face when it’s that “warm” 10 degrees.

Yep. Reckon its a chance to be one of those nights where

Temperature = 10 degree’s
Apparent temperature = 3 degrees.

And oh look, windy as anything at Casey Fields. What a shock.

No Ridley?

If you have that much talent in your VFL side, how good is your afl side?

Can’t count? Isn’t there 4 interchange players + the 23P

The starting midfield has Stanton (255 games), Bird (156), Hocking (125) and Howlett (122), with Looney (134) rucking.

That’s 792 AFL games of experience at our VFL stoppages.


Works for me too. If I end up able to trek down for The Nth game,… there’s the perfect amount of time to fit in a feed, then attend this on the way home.

Will be a chilly one, for sure.

7pm? Odd time for VFL.

And yet we are not top of the ladder?