Round 14 Non Optus Stadium Non Essington Games


Ummmmm… he’s not playing.

Whether you should thank us for that is debatable.

Lucky for B Stratton.

Saints ins Dan Hanneberry and Jake Carlisle

Boom recruits

Hannebery’s in? Thought they’d give him a couple more games in the seconds to gain some conditioning. Surprised they would rush him into the side. It’s not as if they’re on track to finish top four. Or top eight.

Extremely cold as wet Friday night, heater up, first time this year I’ve been really excited about settling in and watching Friday night footy.

Checks schedule. Sydney v Hawthorn. At the SCG.

Ok. Might just go to bed early then


hope sydney slaughter them

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Any of you bums going for Hawthorn tonight are bums.

Phil Davis is massive.

I’m only going for Sydney for tipping purposes…otherwise I’d be happy for the ground to open up ans swallow both teams

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He seems like a fkg wanker.

When L FRANKLIN! signs his next contract, he should include a ‘broadcast in HD only’ clause. Seriously, even C9 have started broadcasting 9Gem in HD.

BT wouldn’t have touched it if P Davis was around when he played.

Both quoted that they were looking forward to lining up together



That’s not funny.

I’m keen on those AAMI girls.

… Cool

You don’t like the AAMI girls?

They just said that last nights Eagles team was the most experienced team that had played in any game this season. Hawks tonight overtake that.